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Friday, March 02, 2012
Help a student!

One of my readers is writing an undergraduate dissertation on the use of beta testing of MMORPG's as a method of marketing a game pre release. And to do that, he needs some data. Yeah, you guessed it, it's another survey. This one is relatively short, and the questions aren't leading too much, so if you have 5 minutes, give the guy a hand and fill out his survey.
That's actually quite an interesting one. Good questions that I don't always see asked on research paper-type questionnaires. Guess he's looking for some broader data than simply trying to prove a specific point.

(Sidenote, ticking every box he had for MMOs and adding about thirty others in the 'other' list was a bit of an eye-opener for me.)
There should definitely be an option to comment on the survey. I didn't like question 8, because it very much depends on the game and question 12 lacked an answer like "giving a game company money for an unfinished product hoping i will like it when it will be released in a month or two? yeah, well... no, thats not my thing"

Other than that, good survey :-)
Question 8 seems to be a bit bugged.

E.g. I answer the first row with 3. As soon as I try to answer second row with 3 as well the check in the first row disappears.

In theory this could be intended, you can't rank 2 different rows with the same number. But it's wierd if it is :P
Thank you for taking the survey guys and thanks again to Tobold for posting it.
Question 8 was a tough one to design with survey monkey, it is working as intended as I needed the factors to be ranked in relation to each other rather than just 1-6 for each of them. I do appreciate the feedback though.
Thanks for your time.
Is it an issue when you check nearly every box in a survey? 15 years of MMOs and dozens of beta tests kinda skews the results a bit methinks.

Best of luck Robert.
Done. Good luck with the dissertation!
done and done :)
Never been in a beta, so I balanced the data.
I also filled out the survey and had to pause on number 8. It was hard to give a 1-6 scale on the items considering quite a few would be considered a 6.

Good luck with the data!
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