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Saturday, April 28, 2012
Post #4,000

This is post number 4000 on this blog. The blog is now nearly 9 years old. Over 5 million visitors were registered over this time, plus a similar number of feed readers.

Congratulations on reaching this landmark.
Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment. I've yet to reach 300 after almost a year.
Congratulations - both for generating content that people have wanted to read for 9 years and the perseverance to do so.

Are you going to do any restrospective / best of / most commented? Or saving that for August holidays?
I'm looking forward to the next 4.000 posts :)
Well done.

If there's one piece of advice you can offer aspiring bloggers, what would it be?
Wow, that's an amazing achievement. Thank you for many hours of interesting reading.
Congratulations and thanks for keeping it all going!
Congratulations! Keep up the good work, your blog rocks :]
Here's to the next 4000!
Congratulations Tobold :)
Congratulations! Sitting on 1,800 posts in 6 year myself - but nowhere near those numbers of visitors...
Congratulations! It's a super blog and was the inspiration for me to start blogging.
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