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Friday, June 22, 2012
The Secret World - Not Responding

If on starting The Secret World you only get a black screen and a "not responding" error in the Task Manager, go to the Secret World folder on your hard drive and delete the "Default" folder there. That fixed it for me.

I just deleted The Secret World instead. Game didn't click with me.
I assume this is a bug?

It would be way too meta and too niche for this to be part of the game. Although arguably, if you can't google the info then you are not going to enjoy the game. A non-functioning game that you had to uncover the conspiracy of why it does not load would be so daring ( and obviously extraordinarily, suicidally stupid. )

I listen to and Gary says the combat is atrocious but he is really drawn to the old-school "let's spend an hour out trying to solve this problem" encounters. He was really conflicted. I hope we shall read your impressions. If I were insane enough to tourist visit another MMO, it would be LotRO or Rift so I am not tempted. But it is interesting to read. And innovation is always positive, even when it does not succeed. GL and I hope you enjoy it.
someone said in a forum that he loves The secret world "Especially because it's not "OH LOOK A DRAGON! OH LOOK A CASTLE! OH LOOK A SHIELD!"

and that's why I will not ever play it :P

I also got invited but didn't even got to trouble to install it..
Why is everyone always so proud about how much they don't do? Do you want a cookie for being too cool for a video game or what?

It's not limited to MMOs either. I remember when the jagged alliance remake was released, was filled with comments along the lines of 'I've never played this, but I bet it sucks'.
Yay....less of you means more for me.
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