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Monday, July 23, 2012
Looking for iOS games

I've been playing some more on my iPod Touch lately. After that discussion on kingdom-building games here, I started playing Rule the Kingdom. It has some nice features, a combination of kingdom-building and adventuring, but also some disadvantages: The game is obviously designed for the iPad, with the UI being tiny on an iPod Touch, and there are quests you get stuck with unless you pay for items from the item store.

So I started looking for other games, preferably turn-based strategy and role-playing games. The app store itself isn't very helpful if you are looking for anything you don't know the name of. But Google is your friend, and there are quite a lot of sites which can help finding the app or game you want. I found Dungeon Crawlers, a turn-based dungeon game reminding me of HeroQuest, and I'll be playing that for a while now.

The only disadvantage of looking for iOS games outside the app store is that sometimes games are either not available any more, or not available outside the US. I would have liked to try Dungeons & Dice, an adaptation of my first fantasy board game I ever played, Talisman. But the YouTube video of it was marked iPhone [US], and I can't find it in the European app store. I also would have liked to play Reign of Swords, a turn-based tactics game, but it apparently has been removed from the app store for unknown reasons.

Are there any turn-based iOS games you would recommend to me? I already have Ascension and Battleloot, and just downloaded Summoner Wars.

Hero academy
Neuroshima Hex is awesome. I believe Smallworld and Imperial also have ios versions.

Since boardgames nowadays are so good, you should check out this site

If you're into euro boardgames such as Carcassonne, Kinsgburg, Samurai, Tigris&Euprahtes and all this stuff - it's great to have ios device. If not - you should at least try some of them.
What Random_Phobosis said rings very true. There are any number of great board games now being remade for iOS (although the iPad is a much better delivery platform for those types of game than your Touch).

One game that's been sucking up my time recently is Outwitters. It's yet another asynchronous turn-based strategy game, but it is... awesome. The matchmaking is seamless and pleasant and the gameplay contains absolutely nothing but interesting decisions.

There are another couple of games in this genre coming up shortly, and if you want to keep up you can do worse than following (I am in no way affiliated to the site, but it has a pleasant style and relevant updates).

Anyway, back to Outwitters!
I would second Outwitters. It has recently replaced Hero Academy as my strategy game of choice. The matchmaking and league system is a drastic improvement, as is the lack of any random 'draw' element.
I generally prefer PvE vs. a decent AI over asynchronous PvP. I appear not to have enough patience for my opponent to move hours later in games like Hero Academy.
King of Dragon Pass!

A port of the PC title from A Sharp Games. Great PC game and the port is excellent! Very Deep and very replayable
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I'm not a big fan of online asynchronous play either, so I haven't tried Hero Academy or Outwitters.

King of Dragon Pass is a pretty unique experience, certainly. It is very odd in some ways, and you spend a lot of time reading, but it's fun.

I liked Neuroshima Hex Puzzle more than NS Hex itself, and I think it makes a good intro to the latter game.

I think I suggested these previously, but nonetheless:
Slay - Hex, turn-based territory acquisition
UniWar HD - Hex, turn-based fighting
Catan - Settlers of Catan port
Rebuild - Expanding control of a city during a zombie apocalypse
Oh, also LostStar Tactics. It's a square-grid tactical fighter sort of like UniWar. Not very polished though.

For more RPG flavor, I've been playing Adventure Bar Story lately. It's a combo cooking sim and lightweight fighting/adventuring.

I also enjoyed the War of Eustrath, a tactical SRPG.

There are also various Final Fantasy ports.

You might also like Game Dev Story, a game development sim.
I played King of Dragon Pass on the PC in the days and I will second the views of those who say it is interesting and different. I understand also that in the new edition they have changed a few things that didn't work so well.
Another strong "thumbs up" for King of Dragon Pass. Outstanding game, set in Glorantha (the original homeworld for RuneQuest / Hero Wars / HeroQuest).

The music is great, too.
Another vote for "King of Dragon Pass". It is currently a Universal game, but the new artwork has finally arrived and an iPad version is now in closed beta.
Rimelands is a site that has pretty good reviews of mostly turn based games. I don't think I regretted buying any of their higher rated titles. While it focuses on the iPad a lot of them have versions for smaller devices. But really, if you enjoy board games you should consider getting an iPad, it's a really great device for that type of entertainment.

Conquest medival realms - someone already mentioned Slay!, Conquest is a more complex version of Slay!, it has 9 units instead of 3 and adds different buildings you can place.

New World Colony - awesome game, has pretty decent AI and online multiplayer. The developer is very active, adding features and listening to requests.

Magic 2013 - I don't think it needs explaining here ;)

Rune Raiders - a bit short, but fun.

If you enjoy tower defense games there are plenty I can recommend.
Great post. Love reading the different suggestions, going to try some of these.

Check out:

iBlast Moki 2
So Tobold, played any of the recomendations? Which one did get your attention?

Did you play Civ Revolution on iOS?
I played Civ Revolution on the PS3. That is another game where my guess is that it would be tiny on an iPod Touch, and much better on an iPad.
Battle Fleet

(ipad and mac)
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