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Monday, August 27, 2012
Guild Wars 2 note

In a time and age where saying "I played World of Warcraft this weekend" is being interpreted as "Tobold hates Guild Wars 2", I think I need to make a short statement of intention: I am going to buy Guild Wars 2 on release or shortly after. If I had wanted to play earlier, I would have had to pay €15 more (€55 pre-order price vs. €40 retail price). And I would have had to endure yet another MMORPG launch, which experience tells me to avoid, both for the technical problems and the gameplay problems when everybody has the same level and is in the same zones.

I will play Guild Wars 2. Later this week, or at the very latest next weekend. At the moment I am completely neutral and could not possibly tell you whether I will like Guild Wars 2 more or Mists of Pandaria. I will play them both and see for myself. I am trying deliberately to avoid the whole hype-to-disappointment cycle, and just judge each game on its merits. Or rather on my own very subjective criteria for what "fun" is. So, "NO!", I am not willing to accept YOUR very subjective criteria for what fun is instead.

I've been playing GW2 for two days now (level 10 Mesmer now) and haven't had any major problems. The first time I logged in my friends' server was full so I rolled on a server with a lower population, but the next day I was able to transfer over no problem.

Had the game crash once on me, but otherwise it's looking beautiful and running at 40 FPS which is pretty decent on my laptop. Settings are mostly medium with a few highs.

Really enjoying the Mesmer class as well.
Yes "fun" is pretty subjective..:) However, based on your posts from the (recent) past, i'm taking an (not very but still) educated guess that you wont like it that much. At least not significantly better than a certain other mmo. I played GW a bit this past weekend and am rather unimpressed. Deja-vu is a term which comes to mind. It feels stale. I somewhat like the events though, they reminds me of the good bits of WAR. All in all it was contrary to the experience i got from another recent mmo, tsw (which was trashed by some/most reviewers). Ill keep Gw2 on my harddrive and will revisit it, which after all isnt costing me any extra. Disclaimer: im a very casual player.
I actually wondered why you didn't mention GW2 anything lately. :)

It will be interesting to hear your opinion.

Personally I think that WvWvW is where GW2 will shine, but I know that you're not really into PvP, at least not that much.
Just curious, but what's the reason you're buying GW and not The Secret World? Only the subscription?
Looking forward to your perspective!
You had to make a post for wow very very long time..and suddenly when GW2 is going out you made posts about you return to wow and you want to join dungeons, e.t.c. You also defended pandas with the same old and failed argument of cows...

so the "I played World of Warcraft this weekend" can easily be "Tobold hates Guild Wars 2 and want to snub it" because of the time you made the like you tell people that Blizzard release MoP patch in the day GW2 starting day was a coincidence..
Yes this!
Just curious, but what's the reason you're buying GW and not The Secret World? Only the subscription?

I would say the difference was the beta invite. The TSW beta made me not buy the game. I never got into a GW2 beta (probably for lack of trying), and only read good press about it.
"Tobold hates Guild Wars 2 and want to snub it"

Some people really need to get their head checked. Did you read the scientific studies which explain that the majority of people who believe in conspiracy theories are those who need them to explain some sort of failure they can't admit to themselves?
When doing so, please remember Guild Wars 2 is free to play once you buy it and World of Warcraft isn't.
I don't believe in conspiracy theories but I do believe in market games..As far as supposed to blizzard release patch on GW2 release it is a market game and not a conspiracy...

So if I think that companies play the market and compete its other I am crazy that believe in conspiracies? that's something new..
its a very beautiful game. huge. lots to see and to explore. there's also higher chance you may enjoy it, considering that you have no real expectations for it. whether it will grab you? we shall see
Every single WoW expansion has come out in the second half of an even-numbered year. Every single WoW expansion did have a "dot zero" patch with all the rules changes a month before release.

Suggesting that Blizzard is doing something special to hurt GW2, when in fact they are doing exactly the same as every two years is crazy talk. Pro tip: If your game can't survive any competition, don't release it in the second half of an even-numbered year.
[i]I would say the difference was the beta invite.[/i]

Fair enough.

It's opposite for me - I got a beta invite to TSW when I had never planned to play it, and that eventually made me buy it.
I got a beta invite to TSW when I had never planned to play it, and that eventually made me buy it.

Understandable. I think the different setting of TSW makes a lot of difference, so that some people who don't care about horror games are pushed away, and others are attracted. There is less of a difference in setting between GW2 and WoW or Rift.
Do you understand that second half is a 6 month period? I play wow since vanilla and never, never had a release on September...

And they are not doing it to hurt GW2 because they hate GW2, they are a company and professionals and they compete with other companies of who will get the customers to is not like 2 children tease each others..there are x customers out there and every company want to get as many as they can to maximize their profit..

So yes I believe that release dates of any game has a lot more parameters instead of just when the game is ready..but this is my opinion of course.
I just checked the xfire ratings this morning and was surprised to see GW2 has almost twice the number of players compared to wow. That's the very first time that has happened! I suspect many of these players will still try out MoP but at least Arena Net seems to have sold lots of copies of GW2. So in this case both companies have done well.
The launch was pretty smooth -- no crashes at all, and very little lag. They have overflow servers that are an exact mirror of the normal servers where you can play while waiting in a queue for your chosen server.

Gameplay is quite different from WoW and most of the recent MMOs, it's less linear, less quest driven, and there's more of an emphasis on exploration. The crafting system is pretty interesting also and rewards a lot of experience.

I can't speak to the endgame yet, but so far it seems like it will be a successful MMO.
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