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Friday, August 03, 2012
One question answered

Two weeks ago I asked whether EA has lawyers. A thanks to Thander who sent me a mail confirming that yes, they have: EA is suing Zynga over the blatant ripoff of The Sims Social.

As I predicted as well, Zynga responds: "It clearly demonstrates a lack of understanding of copyright laws"

So it will be a long legal battle about the similarities that can confuse the "uninitiated observer". I do hope EA can stop Zynga's practise of abusing this copyright thing on such a scale.
If I were the Tiny Towers developer, I would watch this battle closely, there might be some claim to damages on their part as well.
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This one's a bit weak, though. They're only going after Zynga now because the lawyers are all tied up with the SEC investigations. It's a shark smelling blood in the water.

Besides. If they don't go after Zynga now, with the financial woes they're in, there might not be anything left to pay out.
(Clarification: With the financial woes Zynga is in, Zynga won't have anything left to pay EA if EA doesn't sue now.)
Hah, I knew EA had a legal group years ago when I asked if I could make a fan-based flash series (cartoon) based on UO.

The lady there gave me a polite "no" after talking to their lawyers because they couldn't control the content, which is fair enough.
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