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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A reader pointed out a site to me which offers play-by-post roleplaying on a virtual tabletop: RPGWithMe. The site looks very good, but apparently hasn't got critical mass in users yet to get enough campaigns going. RPGWithMe already supports different pen & paper systems like Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition or Pathfinder. And they have a Kickstarter campaign running to enable more systems.

As my D&D 4E campaign, which I DM, is only playing twice a month, I'd be quite interested in joining a play-by-post game as a player somewhere. So I do hope that RPGWithMe is taking off and offering me that.

It looks interesting, but the need of paid third party character creation tools for character input is very restricting.
They acknowledge this problem in the kickstarter page.
They want to create a character builder of their own. So you don't need paid third party character creation tools.
So we need to wait a bit for that,
but I still think it's a cool project.

Is making a character builder for D&D 4E in conflict with WotC licensing (GSL) ?
I used to play-by-post at dndonlinegames a few years back, but was done with the site by the time 4.0 rolled around. I suppose having a site like that integrated with a virtual tabletop would be a HUGE step up for actual 4.0 campaigns. Sounds cool, I hope they grow.
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