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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
An honest announcement

You can learn a lot about the production quality of Darkfall by simply extrapolating from the production quality of their announcement video of Darkfall Unholy Wars. If you then still want to sign up for it, please do it via syncaine's blog, he needs the money desperately!

You mean a small time company that makes a very niche game doesn't produce a flashy hype video trying to convince the masses that their game is the "best thing ever"?

How very unexpected!
@thegaiaengines I would say what's most poke-worthy about their video isn't that it's not flashy, it's that the only even remotely new thing they mention is siege-system-something-something. How exactly do you announce a game (re-release? expansion? patch?) without sharing any details on even one remotely new thing? And how do you announce something and be so vague that it's not even clear what type of product you're talking about!
Tobold I remember the days when Syncaine used to shamelessly troll you in order to leech a bit of traffic from your (at the time) more popular blog. Are you now returning the favour?
1)the guy doing the intro and most of the video should instead be a professional poker player.
2) the developers have real nice workplaces (damn i wish i had such a set-up with several big screens creating my iSeries business software..)
3) the pr department should hire better staff.

I wish them all the best nonetheless.
That lack of information is classic Tasos Flambouras. "We made a new game, it's better, just wait you'll love it!"
I totally didn't get Tobold's joke.

Darkfall made history, if only for the fact that the best Hitler video is about the Darkfall beta. I still watch it every now and then:

Hitler Darkfall
The girl doing 3D graphics is cute ;-)
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