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Wednesday, September 05, 2012
WAR done right

The more I play Guild Wars 2, the more I come to think of it as Warhammer Online done right. The list of features of the two games look remarkably similar (e.g. Keep PvP, public events), but the Guild Wars 2 version of everything just works so much better than the WAR equivalent. Even "bears, bears, bears" works in Guild Wars 2, you get the reward for killing mobs before you reached the NPC with the quest (heart). Brilliant!

That's cool. But then again, a week after release and everyone thought Warhammer was Warhammer done right.

I like that the hearts make sense (ie: feed cows on a farm, drive away bandits, etc), they don't require you to speak to an NPC, they allow you to get full XP and credit for partied or non-partied group kills, and they unlock special vendors when completed.

When I played in my first beta weekend however I had no idea how they worked or why these things were popping up in my quest tracker and then disappearing. And I thought I lost all my progress when they disappeared and that was frustrating. But after awhile I got the hang of how GW2 questing works :D
Yes, I played Warhammer and it was pretty nice until they started merging servers in the second month (I started a bit late).

The guild desintegrated and it was a death spiral in many ways.
wtf? No it was clear Warhammer was a buggy mess when it was released.
It still remains to be seen how sustainable it is over the long run when the populations and interest drops.

It's all nice and dandy now with so many players trying to WvWvW that you're in a queue constantly, but will the rewards and excitement still be there in 3 months?

The real question is, why would you keep doing WvWvW ? Is it -really- that much fun standing on a wall spamming AOE in a zergy mess? Will it remain fun doing exactly that for 3 months?
Well, the same BG's have served WoW well. Heck - League of Legends only has two maps.
League of Legends has three maps. And they can survive with that few because the intrinsic gameplay on those maps is fun and remains fun upon repetition. The question is whether or not WvWvW will remain fun after repetition, I would think.
Why we need to judge it on the long run? It doesn't have subscription..Do you buy Skyrim and say "I have lot of fun now, but I will judge it in 3-4 months if I still have fun?"

I am also afraid that the lack of the carrot to chase will make lot of people go back to their regular work, dailies and raids. I have not played warhammer a lot of as long as I played it was bad...
I strongly agree that many features of WAR were really cool.

The reason the game failed was probably some imbalance in terms of space. During the first period of WAR there was too much zones comparing even to that high amount of players the game had from start.

I wish I could play Guild Wars 2, but for some reason they are still running out of e-keys in their official shop...
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