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Saturday, October 13, 2012
Gold ammo in World of Tanks to be ungolded

Patch 8.1 makes an interesting change to World of Tanks: The so-called "gold ammo" will be made available for credits, the currency that can be earned without paying money for it. Gold ammo, while never in widespread use, was the one item some people claimed made World of Tanks a "pay to win" game. But as many other examples show, people consider "pay to win" only to be the case if something can *only* be bought with cash.

The only thing remaining available for cash are certain premium tanks. And those are actually worse than tanks of the same level that have been earned by playing. So in the future World of Tanks will have no "pay to win" elements left at all.

Typo there. Gold ammo in "World of Warcraft"
Fixed. Thanks!
Yes, I think gamers need to feel that advancement is possible without paying a dime, even if it means a slower process.

LoL is a good example of revenues through XP/IP boosters and champion skins, which are fully optional.

Then again, all new champions start at 6300 IP, which at 60-100 IP per match, means between 50 and 100 hours spent playing. New champs are introduced every two weeks which basically means that if you want to own the new, cool (and often imba) champ, you need to pay about 10 euro.

In reality, I have over 30,000 IP left when I bought Rengar. However, people new to the game will probably need to spend a bit of cash to catch up.
Well, it might be like camo. You can buy that with credits, but it's amazingly expensive and only lasts for 30 days. At 400 credits per round I dunno.

I think the oddest element of the game is the way that the most hardcore players can win enough gold in the clan wars map that they essentially have no need to pay money for the game.
It's not 400 per round, it's a 400:1 credit/gold ratio so ammo should cost around 3000 per shell or something like that.

I've pretty much stopped paying but I do have 11 million credits saved up so I'll likely buy a load of premiums shells and make someones life miserable every time I play.

I always wondered if the premium shells would make that much of a difference and now I'll get to see ;)
Not in widespread using in random matches. It is very much in widespread use in Clan Wars (although winning and holding land in CW will also reward you with gold, which is a sort of compensation.)
It's 10 gold per round, so 4000 credits per round with credits. Expensive, but normally people will only use a gold round occasionally on an "important" shot against a high value target.

e.g. Enemy tank is one shot from dead but so are you, his armor is good enough that you will probably bounce with a regular shell so instead you load up a gold round.
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