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Monday, October 22, 2012
How to get rich not playing Guild Wars 2

I have too many other games and am not currently playing Guild Wars 2. But today I logged on to check the prices of Mystic Coins. They were at over 4 silver each. Which was good news, because I had bought 200 of them for 1 silver each before I stopped playing GW2. So I made a quick 6 gold profit not playing. I still think the Guild Wars 2 economy is rather weird.

You could have gotten even richer if you'd bought a few thousand Black Lion Chests when they were 3-4 copper each. They spiked as high as 40 when word came out that Halloween would bring a chance to find some unique holiday crap in them.
Sounds exactly like how I've been 'playing' and making money the last several weeks.
nothing weird. this would have worked in any economy ever.
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