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Monday, October 15, 2012
Stop flattering yourself

Over at Bio Break I found Syp's Quote of the Day being from Funcom's game director Joel Bylos: "The Secret World may not be the perfect game for everyone; in fact, I think it is safe to say that it is one of the most divisive MMOs ever made." Sorry, but I don't think that is true. Probably the most divisive MMO ever made is EVE Online, and then some other free-for-all PvP MMOs would be on the list well ahead of TSW. From the games that don't have free-for-all PvP, I would say the most divisive were those which had the biggest gap between hype and disappointment: Warhammer Online or Star Wars: The Old Republic for example. And due to so many people having burned out over the years and going from fan to hater, World of Warcraft is now also rather divisive.

The Secret World? Not so much. While on the one side there are the usual fans, I don't know anybody who hates TSW with a passion. Most people didn't even jump on the hype train, due to Funcom's previous record. Many tried it during the beta, didn't care much for it, and ended up not buying it. But to call that "divisive" would be really stretching the term. I would say The Secret World fails to hold the record as one of the most divisive MMOs ever made, just as it failed to hold many other records the developers had hoped for. The most divisive action this game has seen probably happened in a Funcom shareholder meeting, and not among gamers.

I was going to suggest that we all just mentally add "by Funcom" to the end of that quote, but I think Anarchy Online and Age of Conan were both more divisive.

Maybe, as you suggest, the most divisive MMO made by Funcom from the stockholder point of view? But even that stems more from bad forecasting that the game itself.

Tell us how you really feel about Secret World!

But yeah, you make a good point. I remember reading that quote and wondering what was so divisive about it, and whether I had somehow missed out on some vast, hidden controversy.

Fun game, but the most divisive issue I can see with it is that Funcom is the one I have to pay money to if I want to play and that bothers me, a lot.
What's divisive about the fact that after 10,000,000,000,000,000 hours played we're all just bored to tears by mmorpg's?

Crap, 10 years is plenty of time to play the same game. I feel bad for Funcom, but I feel especially bad for any mmorpg currently in development.

And what about Trion? They have 3 games brewing now. Nobody has time for it anymore. It makes me sad and makes me laugh a little at the same time.
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