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Thursday, October 04, 2012

I'm showing my age again, my main complaint about the PC version of Talisman is that it isn't the first edition board from 1983 I remember so fondly. But of course I greenlighted it on Steam anyway. Would I buy this game if it were available on Steam? Instantly!

Talisman was my first "roleplaying" game, in as far as it was the first game in which I played a "character" with "stats". Later I graduated from that to pen & paper roleplaying games, but Talisman had a huge influence on my life as a gamer. I'm very happy that this will now finally be turned into a computer game.

Good to see another Talisman fan out there!

I started on 2nd Edition and gradually accumulated all the expansions (except Dragons and Timescape). My kids now play 4th Revised, because I wasn't letting them touch my 2E copy.

Talisman is such an awesome game!

I actually own every edition of talisman, and all of the expansions for the 2nd and third editions. If I had anyone to play with where I currently live, I'd run out and buy everything for the current edition.
Age is good! I fondly remember playing Conan on an 8-bit Soviet clone of Apple II.
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Talisman was great back in the day. I showed my wife the video, and she reminded me that we had it in the closet. She went and got it and sat it in my lap.
Talisman is the kind of game you remember fondly but really don't want coming out of that closet.
2-4 hours full of purely random events without any rhyme of reason.
Games are so much more fun and interesting today!

There’s some really great stuff coming out on the Greenlight. I’ve voted to support somewhere between 90-100 games now. Only one of them’s been greenlit, though: Black Mesa.

Of course, the 90-100 I’ve voted for pales into insignificance compared to the 600-700 I’ve down-voted.
The system seriously needs to add the following categories and give me an option to ignore/auto-downvote them:

* 2D platformer with quirky mechanic
* 2D platformer without quirky mechanic
* Resurrected comp-sci assignment
* Alawar studios ‘find-the-object’ game
* Generic shmup
* iOS shovelware port
* Half-assed concept looking for gauranteed sales/audience before bothering to commit to actual development
* Solo effort that would’ve looked very impressive… if completed 10yrs ago
* Slenderman clone
New version is better anyway I wouldnt sweat it.
Two words:
Magic Realm

Now we're showing OUR age...
Did you ever get to the last rules level of Magic Realm? I gave up before that.
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