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Sunday, November 25, 2012
Steam sales

Yesterday's decision to not buy Borderlands 2 and Dishonored at 25% off on the Steam sale turned out to be brilliant, as today I was able to get them for 50% off. It would have been really annoying if I had bought them early and seen them cheaper the next day.

That somewhat made up for the game I physically threw in the garbage: World of Conflict (complete edition), which I had bought some time earlier, also on sale, but in a retail store. It turned out that the game wasn't quite as fun as I would have thought it would be. And it kept crashing to desktop repeatedly. So after the playing the start of the Soviet and the US campaign several times, only sometimes saving a bit of time by having saved the game just before it crashed, I gave up and chucked the game out. Even manually finding the latest patch on the internet and updating the game hadn't helped a bit, it simply appeared not to be compatible with my PC.

Main rule of Steam sales - don't buy anything that isn't a short time deal (daily, flash etc.) until the last day of the sale. Unless someone really wants to play the game right now, it's not difficult to wait a few days and hope for a better deal.
Did you get Borderlands 2 Season Pass too?
No, I'm not sure yet I need the DLC.

Borderlands 2 is just like a "better" version of Borderlands 1. Don't expect anything different apart from killing tons of enemies and opening infinite amounts of boxes.

There are decent improvements here and there, yes, but it looks like a gigantic Borderlands 1 expansion, in my opinion (I'm currently finishing 2nd play-through).

I love it and that's why I've got the season pass back in time at a very low price (9$). I was sure I could keep going on and on and on doing the same stuff because... that's Borderlands, after all.

IF you loved BL1 and IF you find the Season Pass at a good price... just get it. It will give you more stuff to see, more guns, more mayhem.
I'm holding out for Steam's traditional New Year's sale so I managed to scrape through to today without buying a single thing.....though it was hard. But yeah, but of the few games I want that I don't yet own I realize that by the time I actually get around to playing them they'll all be on a Steam sale for $5 anyway (Borderlands 2, Dishonored, etc.)
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