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Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Darkfail again

When I read the news today that Darkfall: Unholy Wars would not as announced launch today, but that it would be postponed to January, I couldn't help but think "January of what year?". If Darkfall didn't exist, somebody would need to invent it just to serve as a bad example for the industry; the game has been such a consistent failure over all its history. No wonder Greece and Europe are in such financial troubles if Aventurine is an example of where they spend taxpayers' money on. If it wasn't propped up by public money, the company would have been broke for years.

Darkfall's development woes aren't a bug, they're a feature. The low quality of service is what allows them to tell the WoW tourists (or whatever they're calling us these days) they don't need our money.
I think it's a mistake to use government funding for videogames. It's just too risky a business to treat as an investment, that a government might actually see a return.

Last year we had 38 Studios, but even before that there was Silicon Knights. They've only had two releases this generation, one a port, one got bad reviews. Plus losing lawsuits to Epic Games. They are only staying in business because of government funds (both local and federal).
but but

Darkfall is the best game, combat, pvp experience EVAH

"it's a fact" ... giggle
Wait - so factory workers in German work a little more to give money to EU to Greece to Aventurine to Syncaine? /snicker or /sigh?

Ofc, government funding in video games are a bad idea with few successes. In defense of video games though, government investment in most businesses turn out poorly.
Meh, clearly they have a lot of problems, but I suspect it is a lack of professionalism more than anything else. They were insanely optimistic.
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