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Monday, December 31, 2012
Search terms

A lot of blogs regularly publish the top keywords Google Analytics reports as having led people to the blog. Some people search for strange things, and so some of the search terms are either rather funny by themselves, or are funny because the blog is obviously not the good destination for that search term. As far as I can remember, I haven't posted a list of search terms for my blog in the 9+ years of its existence. Because every time I check my search terms, I don't find much that is funny about them. Here are the top 100 Google searches having led to my blog:
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The reason there isn't much to laugh about here is that I get so many visitors from searches. Even my 100th search term was used nearly a hundred times. To find the really strange and exotic stuff, I'd need to do a reverse listing and find all the keywords that were only used once to find my blog. There I get gems like somebody looking for "brutal sex girlz mmorpg" and somehow unexpectedly arriving on my blog. But there are nearly 5,000 keywords used only once, and the majority is still boring.

I guess that apart from the blood elf porn challenge I accepted from Gevlon once, I don't write using words that are likely to result in many funny searches. And ultimately it is a good thing if Google sends the people my way who are actually looking for the kind of content that is on offer here.

You are getting all the funny search results because your blog is already ranked very high. Your google rank is 5, your Alexa rank 650,000. A newbie blog ranks 0-1 with Google and 6,000,000 with Alexa.
With a ranking like this, every search where only 3 or even only 2 terms match words on your site will show up high in search results, due to your very high authority. It's the reward from Google you get for sticking around for 9 years.
I don't know, I find "toboldgate" quite an amusing term. :P
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