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Monday, January 28, 2013
Rebuilding EN World

I don't often pledge money on Kickstarter, as I am wary of projects never making it to release. But today I pledged £25 to help rebuild EN World, one of the best RPG sites out there. The site was hacked last month and is now trying to rebuild lost code. They didn't exactly need my money for this, being already at £16,400 of pledges of a £300 goal. But I thought that this might be an opportunity to show my appreciation. It is always nice to see when the community comes together!

Asked: 300
Given (so far): 21.000

Kickstarter really amazes me sometimes.
Thanks for the heads up. I'm in.
Loque, it shouldn't amaze you too much. If you visit the link you'll notice they have "stretch goals" which means: if the amount of pledged money exceeds such a goal, they'll promise feature X or Y in addition. By pledging 21k the public has reached multiple stretch goals!!
I'm not familiar with En World, but the feeling I get from this Kickstarter is that people who have been using the website for years feel that it's now payback time.

Most of the contribution levels are below the price of a Collector's Edition game, so could present value for money to the people who feel this is an essential resource.
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