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Thursday, March 14, 2013
Dear readers of my blog feed!

According to Feedburner, the service I use to create the RSS feed of my blog, there are more people reading my blog entries on feed readers than there are visitors to my blog every day. One reason for that is that I made my blog deliberately feed reader friendly: I publish the whole post on the feed, making a visit to my blog unnecessary.

Now that Google Reader is going away, some of you might switch to other readers, and others might want to use different services. So I thought I should mention that my blog posts are also on Google+ at the +Tobold Stoutfoot page. Unfortunately Google+ has two disadvantages: It doesn't post the full post, and sometimes it even fails to post the first paragraph, displaying my blog's "about" text instead. But if you are using Google+, at least you'd be alerted when I write a new blog post. Until Google shuts that down as well, that is.

One big problem for me is that I can get to at work, but is blocked. :(
How about, is it blocked too?
While I mostly quit using rss readers a while ago ... we had this discussion today and a couple of links came up - beware however most of the linked services are currently rather slow because everyone is checking them out:

Maybe there is something in there for you ...
Your Tobold feedburner RSS doesn't appear to work with Netvibes.

I am very unhappy with Google, and now have to figure some way to still get your blog into a differnt feed reader. Bah!
It is standard RSS and should work with any standard RSS feed reader. Haven't tried Netvibes, but I know they have a page on how to migrate Google Reader feeds.
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One big problem for me is I hate Google and only grudgingly use Gmail to post on message boards :)
The irony of the alternative readers, like TheOldReader is you need to signup with a Google+ or Facebook account...hellooo? For someone who's now trying to get away from another product being retired by Google, wouldn't you want to avoid now using again another google tech to use an alternative non-google product?

Besides we all know Google is pushing everyone towards G+ with this move, however i dislike G+ as a "reader" , it's cluttered and inefficient .
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