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Thursday, April 18, 2013
Google+ comments

Just to let you know, I just enabled the new function to add Google+ comments to the blog. Feel free to experiment on this thread and tell me what you think!

I turned Google+ comments off 5 minutes after having enabled them. I tested it out, if I enable Google+ comments, you can ONLY post comments with a Google+ account here. That isn't what I wanted, I would like to just add the comments from Google+ to the existing comment system. :(

I'd really like if if I you added disqus or something. For some reason using my old ass AIM login (which I barely remembered) gives me this weird gibberish name.
@ 4c22cb52-3723-11e0-95c0-000bcdcb2996

We've gotten used to it by now, you're like a regular here... :)
Try DISQUS, it's a well-knowns ans solid commenting platform. And it's really easy to add it to blogger.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yes, Disqus is quite good, though the current Google email is fine with me anyway.
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