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Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Groundhog Day, Borderlands style

My Borderlands 2 experience with the Bloodshot Stronghold is starting to turn into Groundhog Day, where I am playing through the same session over and over every night. I thought I was rid of that place when I got to the next level, Bloodshot Ramparts, where after killing tons of robots I arrived at a teleporter situated just before the end boss. Now I had very little ammo left, and my repeated playthroughs of the stronghold had left me with lots of Eridium that can be used to buy more ammo capacity in Sanctuary. So I thought it would be a good idea to teleport back to Sanctuary, gear up, and come back for the final fight.

But the Bloodshot Ramparts teleporter turned out to be a trap. All the teleporters I had encountered in the game up to then worked both ways. This one was the first one-way teleport. There was a yellow globe over it, and once you fall into the trap you realize that this was supposed to be a warning that this fast travel station is different from the others. But as there is no dialogue window popping up asking you whether you are sure that you want to take a one-way travel, this is easily missed.

So now the only teleporter back leads to the start of the Bloodshot Stronghold, and I will have to play through that accursed place for a fourth time, then play through the Ramparts a second time, before I can finally continue the main mission. Fortunately I got some new side quests in Sanctuary, which I will do before that, to get at least a bit of variety into my Borderlands 2 evenings.

Well at least Borderlands 2 has something recent games don't - fun of just playing shooting and blowing stuff up. So these periods are not that annoying for me.

I did the same mistake once (the first time). Lesson learned.
Hah, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who fell for that one. BL2 has quite a few instances of dodgy game design decisions like this. It seems a gameplay session of at least a couple of hours is required to clear certain sections of the game, or you're forced to run through the whole section again, which is hardly reasonable.
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