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Thursday, April 11, 2013
Just a reminder on my terms of service

Over the years the regular readers of this blog change, especially when I start writing about different subjects. Thus with me writing more about pen & paper roleplaying these days, it has become necessary to write this reminder about my terms of service, especially the comment moderation part.

This blog is dedicated to the intelligent discussion of various subjects, mostly related to games. As anybody who visits various forums can attest to, discussion on the internet is not always intelligent. Specifically some forms of comments are obviously more designed to shut up somebody else than to contribute anything constructive to the discussion.

I do allow any opinion in the comment section of my blog, whether I agree or not. If I disagree, I will most likely voice that disagreement and give my arguments why I do not agree. But while every commenter has complete freedom of opinion, I do impose restrictions on how that opinion is voiced. Basic rules of politeness have to be adhered to. Thus if you start insulting me or other commenters, START SHOUTING AT ME OR OTHERS IN ALL CAPS, start dismissing every counterargument as "bullshit", or go Godwin on a comment thread, there is a strong likelihood that this will end in your comments getting deleted.

I do not edit comments. First of all Blogger doesn't have the possibility, and second of all I think that would be a greater attack on your freedom of expression than simply deleting the whole post. Thus comment moderation happens in the form of comment deletion, either of a single comment found to not adhere to these rules, or by a deletion of the whole series of comments, including mine.

My table, my rules, as the pen & paper roleplayers would say.

I don't think you can have "Terms of Service" on a Blogger blog, can you? Like modification of comments that's not an option Blogger provides,is it?

You can have house rules though. Everyone has those.
Minor typo, but I think you mean Godwin's law. :)
Typo fixed.
Do you delete enough comments that you have to make posts about this instead of taking the several minutes that comment moderation takes?
@Paul I'm willing to bet Marcko and Gevlon fanbois still troll Tobolds blog, even after all this time.
Comment deletion rarely happens these days, but as I just had to delete a full series of increasingly hateful comments from somebody who isn't a regular reader, I thought I'd post a reminder.
Hope things get better Tobold. That time for a few months you had comments disabled was the Dark Ages of your blog. =)
Tobold you should plug Disqus to your blog and get rid of the default Blogger comments (they are horrible, plus no editing allowed).

I used it back in time for my blog, it's awesome.

Well played, Joan Romba, well played.

Broke all the rules in only 13 words. ;)
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