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Tuesday, April 02, 2013
No fools today

It turns out that some people miss my April Fool's Day posts when I don't write them. My apologies, with the first of April falling on Easter Monday this year I was busy with family and in addition had a pen & paper roleplaying session in the evening. And I didn't have any brilliant idea for a nearly plausible piece of news anyway.

You weren't alone Tobold...seems like a grand mmorpg tradition is going the same way of the games we used to love.
Concerning a big MMO developer: they cannot make April fools anymore because players have good reasons to fear that a year later fools get very serious ;)
I liked the Simtropolis jokes this year. Both of them hit home, and at least one of them had depth.

But yeah, no need to pull jokes if the pouch is empty. Happy easter, by the way!
The April 1st jokes are getting old. I mean... what's the point of fooling someone if that someone is already waiting to be fooled?

It was nice and fun back in time, when the "surprise" effect still kicked in.
Nils has got it right. All the horrible worst-case-scenario April Fools jokes which had groundings in reality are now more scary than funny.

Ideas for April Fool's jokes:

The next Starcraft game will be F2P with a multiplayer subscription and campaign chapter microtransactions. WoW is coming to iOS. EA is looking into funding its games through Kickstarter. Splinter Cell will become a cover-based shooter. Sim City will be a casual multiplayer-only online game. Diablo 3 will be online-only with no mod support and an in-game auction house using real money... with a dramatically improved version coming out on consoles a year later.

*slow head-shake*
Things that would've had us rolling our eyes in cynical disbelief only a couple years ago...

Mostly I'm not a fan of the April Fool's Day jokes because it makes it difficult/annoying to find REAL news.
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