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Friday, May 24, 2013
Wildstar paths

Syp is pondering what path to pick in Wildstar. Me, I'm most definitively going for settler, which is the path for people who want to build stuff for the benefit of the community. The simple fact that such a path even exists, complete with path-specific quests and benefits, makes me want to play Wildstar. The only regret I have is that those paths appear to be secondary to classes, and the path activities secondary to a same-old-same-old leveling game. I very much like the idea of a virtual world in which not everybody is a monster-killing hero.

I'm going for the Explorer. And yes, that video really got me hyped up.
Not finding Wildstar appealing, and I think the paths are a pretty terrible idea. I mean, what if I fancy being a settler AND an explorer -- why should I have to only pick one? I'm not really seeing that as a game enhancing mechanic.
All MMOs should have pure crafting classes, rather than just offensive-oriented classes. the more variety, the better - not everyone is a monster hunter. maybe we could even think of 'political' classes on the more social side of the game? ;)

doesn't that just create replay value though, the same way having to pick a class does? as far as I remember from dev talks, they're also thinking along the lines of sharing quests with buddies in order to let each other experience different content (assuming not everyone picked the same path).
After your March 21st post, I was not expecting Wildstar to get many posts.

Who knows how games will turn out? But in this naive optimism pre-launch phase, there are three things that interest me with the WildStar press:

1) the humor
2) the paths - probably will be disappointingly side flavor to class, but still it is flavor. And it does show an understanding that not everyone is a CoD player who only cares about combat.
3) Several comments that they realize 60-65% of players play MMOs solo

I am still undecided but atm settler > scientist > explorer

I think the pageviews strongly favor TESO as the Next Big Game but my impression is that the writers tend to be more interested in Wildstar. While initially skeptical, I am increasingly interested in TESO. But my prediction is there path is SWTOR: lots of hype and then vilification from both Skyrim fans and MMO raiders.
I'd totally be a settler if I could go all hermit and homestead like in Wurm online. Builder professions for housing, even guild housing, can work decently, but I've never seen an implementation of neighborhoods and community that didn't end up being terrible.

Explorer all the way. :P

Doesn't that seem a bit silly? I mean, what if I fancy tanking AND healing - why should I have to only pick one?

It's an arbitrary division based only on precedent or, in this case, lack thereof.

What is the justification for classes? A sense of specialization and replay value?
Scientist would appeal most to me I think.
" what if I fancy tanking AND healing - why should I have to only pick one"

This is why modern MMOs often allow dual specs or multi functional classes. (Or less emphasis on the trinity, like GW2 does.)

Because people preferred NOT having to make a choice during character creation which locked them out of a play style for the rest of the game (barring alts).

@Spinks: but if there are no consequences, there are no meaningful choices either, therefore no game.
Well, it's finally happened. I'm on the same side of an argument as Gevlon.

Gevlon - "Does it feel good to finally be on the right side of an argument?"

Shut up, Gevlon!
Gevlon: There are still meaningful choices, just you can make them on a session to session basis (ie. what do I feel like doing today) rather than at character generation.
@spinks they've said that every mechanic featured in the path missions will also feature in missions available to everyone. Picking the path just means that you get to do more of the ones you like most.

I have my doubts over this as far as the settler goes, but with the other three they all sound like quest mechanics that we've seen in some form before.
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