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Friday, July 12, 2013
Blogging style

There is a fun new gaming site out there called Today's Gaming Drama. It is basically a gaming news aggregator with extremely short posts. The fun comes from the headlines, which practice a style of extreme understatement. So you get headlines like "Company fills vacancy", or "Game costs more than expected" or "Magazine prefers one unreleased console over another unreleased console".

I wanted to link to that site to make a point about blogging style. Blogs have content, and they have a style in which they present that content. In nearly 10 years of blogging I developed a certain personal style, which you might or might not like. I experimented with different style elements over the years, but the majority of my posts are written in a recognizable "Tobold Style".

Headlines are part of that style. Many of my posts are relatively balanced, full of rational arguments and not very passionate. Wilhelm calls them "Tobold's latest pedantry". As I am aware of that I sometimes use a style element to make fun of myself: Deliberately sensationalist headlines that do not fit the writing style of the actual blog post at all. If I discuss World of Warcraft's declining subscription numbers I might use a headline like "WoW is dying", which is then not matched at all with a far more rational discussion of why WoW is still a far way off from death. It is a joke on both myself and on others discussing the same subject with far less rationality. It resembles headlines of sensationalist newspapers, but isn't done with the same intent of getting people to buy your paper, as there is no such paywall on my site.

So I would advise you to be aware of that blogging style element and not to take my headlines all that seriously.

I would say that you often play devil's advocate, as a perusal of your archives demonstrates that your ideologies and philosophies can, and have occasionally changed over the years. Not in the waffling sense, but in the intrinsic sense, as in a natural progression as the gaming landscape evolves. Sometimes your chosen topic verbage does make one of my eyebrows skew upward after reading the body of your post, especially after it appears that you are just trolling yourself to make a point. I've grown accustom to this, however I think that on the uninitiated, your style can, and often does illicit much fervor.
the majority of my posts are written in a recognizable "Tobold Style".

I think we have the title of the new chart-smashing hit from Psy.
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