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Friday, July 26, 2013
Video reviews of recently released PC games?

For years I had a subscription to a PC games magazine to keep up to date with newly released games. That magazine came with a DVD full of video reviews, and soon I mostly concentrated on watching those, only reading the reviews of games I particularly liked. What I like about video reviews is that they aren't just somebody's opinion, but necessarily also show some gameplay, which tends to tell me more than a written review does.vThis year I switched that subscription from print to iPad, but still mostly watch the videos.

But I was wondering whether there aren't any other options. There must be some websites or YouTube channels dedicated to exactly the same thing: Video reviews of recently released PC games. Does anybody here have a recommendation which isn't behind a paywall?

Youtube is full of people doing video reviews.

Most are garbage but the likes of Angry Joe and Totalbiscuit are first class.
I don't know of any that are consistent. I know IGN, Gametrailers, and Gamespot release video reviews on Youtube, but none of them are consistent. A lot of PC games just don't get reviewed. Only a percentage of those PC games get a video review, with the rest getting only written reviews.

One show I like to watch TotalBiscuit's "WTF is..." series. He basically plays a recently released game for a few hours and then makes a video (playing the game in the background) of what he likes and doesn't like. Over the years I have found he has a lot of the same opinions as I do when it comes to games, so his opinion of a new game will usually line up with mine.
On the other end, there's SuperGreatFriend's Demo Friend series, which showcases mostly indie games of.. varying quality.
Like the other posters have said, I would recommend TotalBiscuit's "WTF is..." series
Angry Joe and TotalBiscuit are indeed good options on Youtube. Gametrailers isn't behind a paywall, and while I don't always agree with their opinions, it's hands down the best produced video review you'll find.
If you are also in Indiegames, try the video reviews of Unfair who is reviewing most if not all current indie bundle games, one game is five minutes.

If you are in classic retro games look up phreakindee, inecomcompany and cgrundertow or pixelmusement.

Avoid Total Biscuit and Angry Joe, both are sitting on the lap of the publishers and are mostly douchebags, especially TB.
Totalbiscuit has not steered me wrong, and he plays the games while reviewing them, which helps.

I also watch "Lets play videos", such as Hannah Plays from the whole Simon & Lewis group.
It is not exactly what you want but a bunch of friends play together some games from time to time, talking on Skype, picking on each other for fun, making jokes and stuff like that. Pure awesomeness from my point of view
I can also recommend TotalBiscuit ( Aside from the "WTF is..." mentioned, he also has a more recently introduced new show called "Alpha Strike" where he covers games that are a long while from coming out (alpha releases). This is not a review, but more a introduction to a new game. "WTF is..." is also no review, but more a first impression.

I also like Angry Joe ( He makes a nice show of his reviews.

Also check Revision 3 Games ( They also do reviews among other things.
Well, there are a lot of "Lets play x" youtube videos. Some of them are ok, some not so much.

The first of the two channels I tend to watch are TotalBiscuit the Angry Brit, which I saw was recommended already, so I'll just add that his stuff is smart, though he used to favor a more hardcore take on gaming in general (not sure now, I haven't watch much in last 6 months).

The other channel(s) I follow is the Yogscast. They dabble in all sorts of games, and their skill levels vary wildly, which I consider a plus.
I've always enjoyed TB's work, dating back to the WoWRadio times. That isn't to say that I always agree with him (nor is the viewer meant to do so) but his stuff is pretty much always worth watching.
Also Northernlion for indie games.
Sahke Bunny - what ever gave you the idea that Totalbiscuit and Angry Joe are in the lap of the publishers?

TB stakes his entire reputation on his integrity and AJ doesn't hold back the four letter words when reviewing games he dislikes.

Both are prepared to go against the media consensus on big titles and buy their own review copies instead of kissing ass and "playing the game" so that they get free review copies from pubs.

Check out TB's boycott of Sega games if you want to see what the man is all about.
What you are looking for is Giant Bomb's Quick Looks.
Escapist has video reviews and written reviews of the same game. I find they are a little easy but you do get to see the gameplay in the videos.
i like Adam Sessler on rev3 games
TotalBiscuit all the way!
I also recommend Total Biscuit. I find his sensibilities line up with mine most of the time. When they don't, he always takes great pains to point out that his first impressions should never be mistaken for full reviews.
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