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Wednesday, September 11, 2013
DM David

I'd like to congratulate DM David of Never Split the Party on his recent first blog anniversary. I just found the blog when looking for info on the history of boxed text in D&D, and found it to be an excellent Dungeons & Dragons blog. And as he specifically mentioned "No other blog has ever linked to my site" in his anniversary post, I thought I might rectify that oversight. Check it out if you are interested in well-written Dungeons & Dragons posts. On today's topic of handling negotiating with dragons with dice rolls and rules, you might want to read his series on the evolution of skill challenges in 4E D&D.

Linked aaaaand Linked. Thanks for sharing Tobold! :)
Thanks for the kind words and for providing the first link to my humble blog. Now I have the first milestone of my second year!
DM David
Thanks for pointing me in DM David's direction!
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