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Saturday, March 15, 2014
Dear Zenimax Online!

Thank you for inviting me to your The Elder Scrolls Beta. You asked me to tell people what I think about the game, and here is my opinion: In the current state the game is completely unplayable for me. Every time I start the launcher, it starts downloading all 22 GB of game client again, even if the previous installation finished without a problem. That would be not so bad if it was just me, but your beta forums are full of people with the same problem.

So you want to release this game in less than a month and not even the launcher works?

Here's hoping you have an uncapped internet plan!
I do. But even at 30 Mbit/s VDSL speed, downloading 22 Gigabyte takes hours.
Wow, I thought it was just me. I got all the way through the download, then it hiccupped and started over from scratch. I didn't to play at all last night.
The game doesn't allow you to start playing after downloading a few megabytes, like rift and wow?
My college roommate was a VP of engineering at a few public software companies. his comment was "Ah the installation - that's where you take your most junior engineers and put them on the very first thing your customers will see."

And SWTOR has the quickstart - I hate to say it but that seems like an expected feature. (The problem with AAA MMOs is that you have to spend $100mm to get all the expected before you can even work on your game.)

In their limited defense, Marvel Heroes' launcher was doing the same thing for several months AFTER its launch. The official response was to uninstall and get the client through Steam (no charge since it's F2P), and it took at least a month or two for them to replace the launcher entirely to fix this issue.
After the first beta, I didn't even willing to give it another try... This might be the first "AAA" MMO that I will not buy...
If the launcher not working was all that was wrong, I wouldn't even worry. That at least is something easy to reproduce. But from what I have read, a fair amount of the actual game is having more problems than last test. Things like being unable to interact with any NPCs keep coming up, while the preferred log off method now appears to be Alt-F4.

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