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Monday, April 28, 2014
Why not Wildstar?


At the same time the release date matches well with some WoW "downtime". Cancel one sub and take another while waiting for WoD.
Yeah, just saying that even if I personally decided to play Wildstar for some months, I am not convinced that Wildstar is going to be huge. Bigger than TESO maybe, but probably not going to catch up with WoW.
Already subscribing to FFXIV and TESO, no room for another $15's hard finding the time to play the two I do subscribe to, and I still can't get over the ridiculously Pixaresque animated look of the game.
For me, it is the action combat. I don't GW2 or play consoles so it felt too twitchy for me. Even so, I probably would have bought a $99 B2P late some night when willpower was low. And probably will try it once F2P.

Wildstar is very lucky with the delays in WoD. Still, even if it is a "better" game (YMMV), launching a new IP right in the middle of Elder Scrolls and Warcraft is a very tough business proposition. Perhaps the biggest determinate is what Wildstar content patch drops around 6.0.1 of WoD.
I preordered Wildstar, played in a few beta weekends and started having second thoughts. A LOT of the emphasis I'm seeing from the devs is on how hard dungeons and raids will be. Is this really how to make a popular MMO? I have no time or patience for that sort of PvE "elder game" and I absolutely don't trust that they will have enough solo and small group stuff to do to make me feel good about spending $15/month.

I have a feeling that in 6 months, Wildstar will turn out to be a niche hardcore raider game and all the other content will suffer for it. If I don't cancel my preorder, I'll probably play a bit through the free month and cancel my sub and see how things look after the first big content patch and then reevaluate.

I also picked up ESO a few days ago and I'm kind of surprised at how much I'm enjoying it, despite the many problems it has.

I'll ultimately drop them all next fall for Warlords of Draenor, because home is where the hearthstone is. ;)
50c a day. There are places in the world where that is a significant amount. But few readers of this blog live in them.
It's not 50 cents a day....its $15 divided by the number of hours you have time to sink in to it. I know I'll be lucky to find 10 hours in the month, so for me there's no point in even bothering with Wildstar. Younger me from 10 years ago could have pulled 30 hours a month, though. He'd probably have given it a try.
I've got no problem with a sub. I spend more money on Rift now that it is free than I did when it had a sub!

If I'm enjoying it I will pay.

My problem is that my MMO friends we're not keen on the sci fi look and aren't interested. I'd rather play a game I was less keen on with them than a better game on my own.

That's my reason why I might not sub. Not the price but who I can play with.

Also I agree with Rorik, I fear the vocal minority might turn it into a niche hardcore organised raid focused game.

Then again WoW seems to be heading that way. Making Raid Finder less rewarding when like the majority of players I can't even commit to my guilds flex runs.

Not sure where this leaves me.
For me it's the barrier to entry. I have no problem paying for a sub if the game is good enough and if content comes regularly (WoW fails here badly).

Buying the game and paying a sub is too much of a commitment when I may well not prefer it to the games I am already playing (Neverwinter and LOTRO).

If you only want one game to rule them all then a sub is better value but I play games with different groups of friends so sticking to just one MMO is an impossibility to me these days.
I have a feeling that in 6 months, Wildstar will turn out to be a niche hardcore raider game and all the other content will suffer for it.

I remember reading that it was exactly the idea, i.e. a niche game catering to the "hard" crowd.
"Why not Wildstar?"


(Yes, I'm still bitter about how they handled Paragon Studios/City of Heroes.)
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