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Thursday, April 17, 2014
Wildstar beta weekend plans

I have a long weekend before me, 4-day Easter weekend. Which happens to coincide with a Wildstar beta weekend. Now I don't want to play the beta too much and then get bored on release. But I do want to use the beta weekends to make some decisions on my release main. The last beta weekend already helped me to decide to go warrior as a class, and this weekend I'm trying to decide on a path.

Now the path decision for me is between settler and explorer, after having tried all four paths in the low levels. The scientist path is for people who like to read all those lore books in games like Skyrim, but I was never that interested in game lore. Call me a snob, but in my experience the writing in games isn't all that great, even if you compare it to "pulp fiction" fantasy novels like Conan the Barbarian. And if you have to find the lore in bits and pieces, you're usually missing half of the picture. I also tried the soldier path, but the "extra" activity of the path was way too similar to what I was doing already all day long when questing.

In the low levels I did like the settler path, because it is a bit like a scavenger hunt with picking up resources everywhere. But at level 10 I realized I would want a resource gathering tradeskill, and so now I wonder if all that gathering isn't again going to be too much of the same. I was more skeptical of the explorer path at first, because I am not a huge fan of jumping puzzles in MMORPGs. But I played an explorer to level 10 and there were some cool parts like being able to run along specially marked explorer flags to get huge speed boosts. At least the flags were marked with an explorer symbol, so I assume other paths can't use those. I assume the trampoline mushrooms are useable by everybody.

So what I am going to do this weekend is mainly to play my level 10 warrior / settler some more, maybe up to where you get housing, and do all the settler path missions I come across. Then I'll see if there is a bit more variety there than just gathering resources for building buff stations. I hope that after a few more levels I will be able to decide whether settler is the path I really want to play in the long term.

Maybe I'm misremembering, but I don't recall doing any reading with Scientist.. I found it much like Settler, ie. find things and click them, only instead of clicking them you summon a bot to scan them.
I've played a Scientist to Path-Level 25 or so and I found it to be the most... fun (?) for lack of a better word.

I found the Soldier missions to be boring re-hashes of kill quests (though holdouts are kinda cool)

Figured Explorer (and heard complaints on chat) about it being difficult / boring at times

I quite like the idea of the Settler, but I think it's going to have somewhat limited uses...

This really left me with Scientist, and I found it quite cool picking up random bugs/buffs along the way
Does this mmo have a PK system which allows you to attack any player, anywhere? I am looking for an mmo with a heavy global PK system.
I am looking for an mmo with a heavy global PK system.

Those died out about a decade ago.
I know my brother was trying out any F2P MMOs he could get his hands on, and there are still quite a few Asian 'grinder' MMOs which have PK-heavy systems.

Even then, they usually have some safe zones. EVE remains your best bet for complete freedom to PK with no safe zones anywhere. There are safER zones, but nowhere will keep you safe from getting suicide-ganked.
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