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Sunday, May 11, 2014
Need Wildstar help

Can anybody direct me to a good site for Wildstar theorycrafting? Wildstar has a complicated stats system where the same stat gives different bonuses for different classes. And then you are trying to figure out whether you rather want more assault power, more strikethrough rating, or more critical hit rating to best increase your dps. I'm a bit lost.

Is this helping ?
It is helpful for the basics, like which is primary stat your class is looking for. It doesn't help with the details, like is 5 points of Strikethrough rating doing more or less damage per second than 5 points of Critical hit rating.
Is that really critical? I mean, to optimize your character during leveling?
No, it isn't critical. But as you find gear (or craft gear) frequently, it would be good to know what to shoot for.
Here is some math done for healers:
There might be some help here:
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