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Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Playing pen & paper online

sid67 asked: "Totally off-topic, but does anyone know if there is any software/websites for running pen & paper groups online?".

I hear a lot of good things about virtual tabletop applications like or Fantasy Grounds. Check out this handy comparison chart!

But personally I would be more interested in an asynchroneous solution, where you play by writing and don't necessarily have to be online at the same time as the other players. That would allow me to play in English with Americans, in spite of the time difference. But I'm not sure what the best sites for play-by-forum or similar solutions are. I would love to join a 4E game as a player.

I haven't tried it myself and its Pathfinder, not 4e, but the Paizo forums has a fairly active play-by-post community: remains a decent place for forum-based roleplaying, and it's been around for at least a decade I think?
Wow - I have to say that both of those programs are more advanced feature-wise than I would have expected.

The videos are smart and should be an effective recruiting tool to get the old band back together, lol.
In the early 90s one of the BBSes I frequented ran a D&D campaign on one of its forums (fora, hehe). I played a bard who unwittingly charmed a tavern wench into treating me to an erotic bath. A few days after this, I attended a free lecture at the college where my mother taught at the time, which happened to be a convent school. A couple of friends from the local BBS circuit happened to be there as well, and one of them loudly said, "Oh yeah, you're the guy who got laid!" I nodded and grinned weakly as passing girls smirked.
I am in a play-by-post on the Paizo forums, and it has been great. The built in tools are pretty generic (dice rolling, etc) so there is no reason a 4e game wouldn't work.
This site is really nice for PbP (Play by Post).
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