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Saturday, May 31, 2014
Working as expected

One hour into the headstart of Wildstar I can report that the game is working as expected, that is to say not at all. You only ever get an endless string of "NCSoft login service timeout" messages and can't even make it to character creation. Pro tip: You can copy your password to the clipboard and re-enter it every time by just using CTRL-V, which is a lot of speed gain if you want to retry over and over.

[The game started working a bit over one hour after official release time.]

Selling a 3 day head start is a nice way to market your game. I just fear it's gonna be unplayable for these 3 days...

Online only game launches, sigh.
They were targeted by a DDoS attack.
Started a little over an hour late, which is really about three or four hours better than most, but other than the initial delays and an issue preventing players from receiving pre-order items from their account bound item inventory things seem to have run pretty smoothly as far as I have experienced.

I'm still not sure that the game will hold my interest long after the initial month, but I still think the game is solid thus far.
It's been fine for me for most of the day. Some short queues to get in and some hotfix kicks but overall it's solid.
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