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Tuesday, October 07, 2014
The Favorites of Selune - Skin Deep - Session 3

In the previous session the Favorites of Selune were unexpectedly transformed into svirfneblin (dark gnomes) and had to flee the town of Plumton which was already in fear of an "Underdark menace". On their way to the druid Bredel who they hoped could help them, the group stumbled upon some kobold shepherds guarding a flock of drakes. So this session started with a combat. The fight wasn't very eventful, except for the cleric casting his new daily spell, a pillar of flame that killed three kobolds and a drake in one shot.

After that the heroes reached the clearing on which Bredel lived, who of course wasn't too happy about a bunch of dark gnomes turning up, and tried to shoo them "back underground". But the druid of the group by transforming into a wolf could convince Bredel that they weren't really dark gnomes. Bredel then could verify that further through the use of a magical spring, where the reflection in the water showed the true form of the adventurers. Unfortunately the spring had grown smaller after the recent earthquake (the one that opened up the fissure into the Underdark), and the water didn't have the power to turn the heroes back into their true form. Bredel suggested that somewhere in the Underdark the source of the spring could be found, and that the water there would have more power. He was willing to lead the group to the fissure leading into the Underdark, but asked them to help him with a problem first: A green dragon had recently settled in his forest, with kobold followers and a flock of drakes, upsetting the natural balance. Bredel wants the dragon removed, and was offering help in the form of a dreamcatcher which would prevent the dragon from flying, and some poison resistance potions against his breath weapon. The Favorites of Selune agreed to do this task.

So the heroes approached the dragon's lair, on a clearing in the forest. While their dreamcatcher prevented the dragon from flying, it also made the dragon aware of them and rather angry. Having already had killed the drakes and some kobolds, the dragon only had four kobold minions left as retinue, which the group dispatched quickly. Then they could all concentrate their fire on the dragon. The group's druid managed to roll not a single attack with more than 5 on a d20 in a rather long fight, dealing not a single point of damage. The fighter, who had found a dragonlance in Gardmore Abbey, dealt a lot of damage. With this being the second dragon he killed, I told him that by dwarven law he was now entitled to carry the title "dragon slayer". :)

[I think I messed up that fight: I took the adult green dragon from the D&D Insider online tools, assuming that they had updated all the monsters there to Monster Vault stats. But the Monster Vault only has lower level young dragon and very high level elder dragons, so the adult dragon was the old style Monster Manual mid-level version. If I had prepared that better I would have seen that he had too much health and did too little damage. But after I started using him as written it was too late to change his stats. With his breath weapon rendered barely effective by the poison resistance potions, and the dragonlance giving the fighter an added resistance to all dragon damage, the dragon ended up dealing very little damage, so that the cleric barely needed to use any healing. Not ideal.]

We ended that session with the Favorites of Selune plundering a nice dragon hoard with lots of gold and several magic items.

They seemed to have some real problems earlier on with low damage/high health monsters.
What's happened to your players, Tobold?

Am I correct in remembering that this warrior was too afraid to tank about 5 sessions ago? And now he has the Dragon Slayer title?

I had a near death experience two sessions ago myself which has had me questioning my invulnerability, but this transformation is substantial!
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