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Sunday, December 07, 2014
Back on Pandora

Steam tells me that I played Borderlands 2 for over 100 hours, while I played the original Borderlands for only 10 hours. I always had the feeling that I had messed up when playing the first Borderlands: I had experimented with various game modes early on, gotten into cooperative multiplayer at a relatively low level, and ended up being completely overpowered for the story mission. And of course if you already have epic weapons from multiplayer, the loot from lower level single-player missions isn't exactly exciting. But somehow I didn't want to start over at the time, and then simply drifted away, starting to play something else.

When I recently saw Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on Steam, I remembered having fun with Borderlands 2. But hey, why spend 50 Euro on the pre-sequel if I haven't properly played the original Borderlands yet? So I put the pre-sequel on my wishlist for the next sale, and installed Borderlands 1 instead. I might end up playing the three games in reverse chronological order. Which is interesting in a way, for example in BL1 my choice of characters is among the main NPCs of BL2.

In single-player shooters I quite like sniper rifles. But I already played Mordecai the first time around. And sniper rifles are fun even if you don't have a character specialized in them. So this time I went for Roland. And I'll just play the single-player campaign and stay away from multiplayer.

My experience was kind of the opposite. I played at least ten times as many hours of Borderlands 1 as I did of part 2. I just couldn't get into 2 for some reason. It's still installed and I keep meaning to give it another go but so far I keep getting sucked into other things.
Like George above me said (fantastic name by the way!) my experience was the opposite as well. I played the first Borderlands through solo, then eventually collected up all the DLC and played through them as well. Don't believe I ever played multiplayer at all.

With Borderlands 2 I decided to pre-order and also bought the season pass that day. Right around the same time Resident Evil 6 came out (which i also had preordered) and my roommate wanted to play through it co-op so I let BL2 sit. By the time I came back all of my friends with BL2 had already completed the game so I played solo, and completed the first DLC, but never really had it in me to play the rest of them. I was rather annoyed with their decision to add in new classes and other stuff that wasn't included with the season pass. That could be part of why I didn't play as much.

I like the look of the Pre-Sequel, but I have a feeling it will be more of the same. Definitely a game I'd prefer to get on sale.
I did not like Borderlands' loot grind/level-based play grafted onto an FPS....but acknowledge I am in a minority on this one. My wife and her cohorts played BL2 to death....I couldn't get into it either, though I did get the PS Vita port which I have actually played a bit into during slow moments at the in-laws.

Don't know why, but the BL aesthetic/humor and level/gear mechanics just don't do it for me.
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