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Friday, January 16, 2015
Veteran rewards

Apparently Blizzard is sending out real world packages with a physical object as reward to people who started playing World of Warcraft within the first 60 days and then never unsubscribed. Unsurprisingly that causes a controversy. Quote: "There is certainly merit to a company like Blizzard wanting to thank players who have given them somewhere around $1800 in subscription fees and $200-$300 in box purchases. That's a damn loyal customer. At the same time, however, this can tacitly sending a message to newer players that they just aren't quite as special or held in as high of esteem as the older ones. There's a tough balance to be struck".

No, it isn't.

If you give somebody $2,000 you *are* special to him and held in high regard. If you used the donate button on my blog today to give me $2,000, you would be special to me, and I would have no problem sending you a parcel with a gift, assuming the gift plus shipping costs me less than $50 and I get to keep the remaining $1,950. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

And if you started playing on day 61 and only gave them around $1770 in subscription fees and $200-$300 in box purchases, then that's just too bad for you. You are only as important as the guy who just started playing.

That's extreme but that's the problem with an arbitrary line in the sand. It must be drawn somewhere and anyone just on the other side of the line is going to feel rightfully upset.
Quite an opportunity for eating popcorn and reading all those discussions :-). I really don't get all the butthurt people, the line has to be drawn somewhere and after all it is a gift.

Noone has any right or entitlement for a gift and even if Blizzard would send only one to a lucky guy/girl who was the very first to open an account I am just happy for him/her.
You are of course correct, but it's difficult to imagine any Blizzard representative publicly saying so. Which means they expect that to clearly state the truth would offend some people.

So on one hand, one group of customers is indeed more important and valuable, but on the other it's impossible to say so publicly. In that sense, this is indeed a difficult issue for Blizzard to handle.
I am very envious, while very happy on behalf of those lucky people who gained such a reward.
I was a few months late myself to be eligible, and I've also had a few breaks due to illness irl.

I understand the reasoning behind the move from Blizzard. And I know they have to draw the line somewhere.

But as many others but me, who spend most of their life in wow, and feel tied up to this game in a fashion where the closure of wow would most likely cause depressions and suicide attempts throughout the world, it's hard to be left out like this.

Especially as in some countries like Sweden, the game was sold out for months initially back in vanilla, hence some were just not able to buy the game in time.

I hope Blizzard will make others like us devoted, dedicated gamers able to purchase the statue at least, so that we may celebrate with them.

It could also be a possibility for Blizzard to gift anyone with a combined /played time above a year, as they have literally spent an entire year 24/7 ingame, which shows some dedication and devotion to the game. This would ofcourse be a tad expensive for Blizzard, but a nice touch indeed.

But yeah, I'm happy on behalf of those lucky. Congrats guys. You earned it indeed.

According to mmo champion, the gift is an orc wolf rider mini statue, a smaller version of the one outside company headquarters. They have a photo up of the statue.

I started WOW on day 1, but have let my subscription lapse a number of times. Personally, I'm okay with not getting the statue, For me, it would simply be one more thing to dust.
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