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Sunday, March 29, 2015
The price of verbosity

I was following a link from a post from Bhagpuss about turning your blog into a pdf or ebook file. The software didn't work for my blog. So I googled for similar services and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM failed to turn my complete blog into a book. None of the programs could handle my 4,985 posts with the 188 MB of data in XML format. Too bad, I would have liked to offer the pdf or ebook file to my readers for my upcoming 5,000th post.

Have you figured out a way of downloading a personal backup of your blog in case Google ever closes down Blogger? Perhaps it is easy. I don't know. It is something I mean to look into but haven't gotten around to yet.
Blogger has an export as XML function. I just don't know what to do with the huge XML file. :)
That's a shame but maybe it's not surprising. My xml file for the whole of Inventory Full to date ran to just 14mb - less than a tenth the size of yours - and that produced a PDF "book" that's almost three thousand pages long. Of course I have a ton of illustrations in there taking up a lot of the space.

Is there a way to split the file into sections? Maybe do a volume for each year? I guess it's a problem we're all going to run up against if we keep blogging for long enough.
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