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Tuesday, April 28, 2015
For the children!

Yesterday evening I had planned to sort out my various alts in World of Warcraft and decide what character I would create and level from 1 to 100. But while I was still doing garrison stuff with my level 100 characters, somebody in trade chat mentioned that Children's Week had started. Hmmm, isn't that one of those events which gives pets as rewards? Me being very much into battle pets at the moment, I couldn't resist and changed my plans. I spent the rest of the evening doing Children's Weeks quests on different continents.

As I was planning to do the quests on different characters to get more pets, I started with the character I was currently on, my priest. Thus doing those quests too me some time, as I had to take various portals or zeppelins to travel from one continent to another. At one point I was in Orgrimmar and didn't have a hearthstone ready to get me anywhere where I could use a portal to Undercity, so I took the zeppelin. And then realized that I had forgotten where exactly the entrance to Undercity was in the Ruins of Lordaeron. Must have been many years since I last entered Undercity without using some means of fast travel. Usually I do travel-related stuff with my mage who just portals everywhere.

Overall I have mixed feelings about the event. All that traveling makes the quests somewhat long and tedious, with me playing on my iPad while waiting for some flying mount to make it to the destination. Not really the most fun activity. And somehow it is a sort of trap: I felt as if I was being suckered into a not-so-fun activity by the combination of a reward I wanted (the pets) and the time restriction (you can only get these pets during this particular week every year). So in the end I wasn't sure if it was actually worth it. The pets aren't even of rare quality, so I'm not even sure I'll ever use them. They just help with the achievements to collect hundreds of different pets. And most of them are tradable, so I might be able to get them for cheap this week on the AH.

The two from Northrend can't be caged. Don't miss the chance to get them.
Limited time events, log on rewards, daily cooldowns, increased rewards for the first participation in an activity that week, everything is a trap. The important lesson is learning to avoid the aspects that you do not enjoy.
It's like being in a clear plastic box with two levers, and some guy named Dr. Skinner waiting for you to pull one of the levers.

I did Children's week years ago, got the "Willy" pet. It's awesome! It's narcoleptic and lasers down level 1 critters. But I don't want to play the game where I feel compelled to pull the lever for that guy. There is no way I can collect "All the pets" as it is, so missing these few won't matter.
If you are into battle pets, you absolutely must get the menagerie up to level 3. The daily battle grants 8 to 10 pet charms and you can buy flawless stones (to upgrade any pet to rare quality) for just 15 charms.

If you have a even just 2 characters with a level 3 menagerie, you can upgrade a pet to rare every single day.
I have a whopping 4 level 3 menageries. :) Which is pretty much what allowed me to beat the Celestial Tournament recently, after having started pet battling only recently.
Hey Tobold, you're becoming more hardcore than me at WoW :) I only have 1 level 3 menagerie....

BTW good job on the Celestial Tournament, even if it's not really "difficult", you need a solid pet lineup to deal with it (and a bit of luck never hurts).

I am like a week into battle pets. I think I had all the pets and was indifferent to children's week until I read about pet care package having a Flawless Battle Stone. Before the supply glut they were going for

US Mean Price 7174.47

So doing the three children's quests on your four toons could pay for 4 tokens (US, 3 in Europe) I will, like you, of course use the stones. So each toon can convert three pets to blue once you have them all.
The Wolvar Pup is amazing, especially in the right team (paired with Enchanted Broom and/or a bleed).

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