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Saturday, April 25, 2015

I couldn't resist the opportunity for speculation: I bought a WoW Token for money on one of my poorer characters and exchanged it for over 40k gold. The idea is to use a rich character of mine later to buy a WoW Token for less than 30k (prices go up and down quite a lot). The overall effect is 5€ extra paid for a month of subscription, but gaining 10k gold and having it transferred to where it is needed.

Yes, the token is realm independent but for each person, the gold is more valuable on realms they want to play on.


^ Getting gold in the hands of people who want to spend will heat up the economy. But now gold is not just pixels; if you waste 250k gold, that could obviate RL$180 next year.
Actually, it's even better. You bought 10K gold for 5 Euros and got a free transfer of 30K gold from your rich player to your poor one on what I assume to be a different server.

It's hard to beat that deal with a stick.
Huh, they increased the drift rate on the US servers too, increasing the swings between price extreme.

I think I know why they're doing this, it's to separate the price of the RMT tokens from the Game Time tokens without depegging them from each other at 1:1. Basically a QE scheme.
I don't see any reason to think that Blizzard is manipulating these prices. If I look at the graph, I wouldn't sell a token at the bottom of one of the cycles nor buy one at the top. I may be naive, but I can't see why this can't just be net supply and demand.
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Actually think this is exactly the result of supply and demand in a market where people cannot "trade" (i.e. buy and sell). The system makes you either a "buyer" or a "seller.
Instead of being stable is perpetually swing up and down because buyers delay their purchase when price go down and seller delay selling when price goes up.

No this happening is one of the benefit of having trader providing market liquidity
I'm pretty sure Blizzard don't mind what you do with your cash. The fact you bought a Token to begin with was pretty much the entire point of the exercise of introducing them.

In fact, if everybody thought like this, Blizzard will be very happy indeed.
I'm with Alternative Chat on this; every transaction serves to benefit Blizzard, so they're happy no matter what.
I cannot see how this speculation can possibly cause you to come out ahead. No matter how the market shifts, you are buying gold for Euros. Since you have more than enough gold, this cannot be desireable for you.
To be fair, the best thing would be using an US account. Both game and subscription would cost less, plus the subscription would be almost free (token goes as low as 19K-21K).

I don't know about the ping vaules from my EU country but given the HUGE gold difference... I wouldn't mind too much (I don't pvp anyway).
Blizzard changed their price-setting algorithm recently. If you want to choose the best time to sell your token on the AH to maximize your gold, or if you want to choose the best time to buy a token on the AH to mimimize your costs, then I have some advice for you at Tokens: A tangled web"
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