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Friday, July 03, 2015
Bug or feature?

One of the new features that patch 6.2 brought to World of Warcraft is weekend events. There is a guy standing next to the main building of your garrison that gives you a new quest every Friday, which is valid for that weekend. This weekend is apexis weekend, and the quest is to do five of those bonus objectives that give apexis crystals. Which is in itself already pretty brilliant, because you already need to do three of those per day if you are reputation grinding in Tanaan Jungle to get flying.

But what was even more surprising, and I'm not sure whether it isn't a bug, is that the quest already counted bonus objectives done during the week. So when my main took the quest he was already at 5/5 objectives completed. That at first was greyed out, but as soon as I entered the garrison main building the game realized that I had done the quest and gave me a message to that effect. So I went back out and got 5000 apexis crystals, 1500 oil, and 1000 garrison resources for not having done anything.

Of course that reminded me of Paul Barnett bears, bears, bears idea. Has World of Warcraft actually implemented a quest that rewards you for stuff you already did? Or is this just a bug?

What a brilliant tip! Thanks a lot, matey! Worked for me as you describe: accept quest, take a couple of steps away, the quest is complete because I certainly did a lot more than five bonus objectives this week.
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Pretty nice but certainly not intended. Goes against the core questing logic of starting a new task.
It might be intended. To get you to log in on the weekend. Presumably at least some of those people will hang out and play since they already logged on.
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