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Friday, August 28, 2015
Guild Wars 2 goes Free2Play

According to a leak this is one of the headlines you will read coming from Pax Prime. And I just wanted to comment that I'm considering this a non-event. Wildstar going Free2Play means I will be able in the future to play Wildstar for free. GW2 I already was able to play for free, having bought it long ago. And as you could already get the base game heavily discounted in the past, it isn't such an enormous change at all. The base game also is free if you buy the new expansion. So I really don't see this move gaining Guild Wars 2 all that many new players.

Apparently its "F2P" for the first 15 levels or something, in other words its not F2P but a trail.
If it's F2P for the first 15 levels I will be intrigued to see if they try to spice those levels up. I have never managed to get past the mid-twenties in GW2, despite this feeling like I should love the game every time I log in I am left with a sense that I have no point or direction in the game.
@Nicholas Bergquist

It takes about couple of hours to get to level 25 in GW2, so are you saying that GW2 didn't keep your interest for 2 hours? :) Don't get me wrong, I got level 80 on multiple characters but not huge fan of the game. Also GW2 isn't supposed to have "direction" as to how you play the game in that you are supposed to wonder the world and respond to the dynamic events etc. That's how I played the game anyway.
The difference between B2P and F2P is $60; sub, b2p, f2p all have sub shops. Even sub games like WoW and EVE allow you to get started without upfront costs so this makes sense. I doubt it will have the % increase the Wildstar change is getting, but it should held some.
@Lost Forever I played when the game initially came out, and on and off since then. I've had five characters that I leveled to between 8 and 25, and would say I have played about 30-40 hours in GW2, and experienced at least four starter areas up to level 8-12 once. If it only takes 2 hours to get to level 25 in GW2 then I am definitely doing something wrong; I'm pretty sure it would take me 2 hours just to get through cut-scenes and dialogue on each character to level 25. My own experience suggested 2 hours to get to level 6-7, and another dozen or so to make it to level 15.

Disclaimer: I am not a power-gamer type and I don't group much (one of those antisocial MMOers), and have limited time to play MMOs (that limited time is the reason grouping rarely works out for me; I can't keep pace with others). For comparison: I am playing TESO and have played since launch and my highest level character is 15. The game moves at such a slow pace I actually can't even imagine what the level cap must be.
@Nicholas Bergquist I agree with you on both fronts; your estimated time is much more in line with my experience. If you're doing it wrong, so am I because there's no way I'd be able to get to level 25 in two hours /played. Second, I'm in the same boat regarding interest. I feel like I "should" love the game, and I've tried playing it multiple times, but I just never get hooked. I don't know why this is. I think some of it, however trivial, is that I can't customize my UI. I run a ton of UI mods in WoW to get it looking and feeling just the way I want. Not that GW2 UI is terrible, but that lack of customization options turns me off. I'm not sure what other factors contribute my general malaise with the game. I just know it lacks "something".
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