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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Short comment on the state of Magic Duels

I have mentioned several times on this blog that while I was aware of Magic Duels having server and connection problems on the PC, I did not experience such problems on the iPad. Unfortunately I need to correct that now: I haven't been able to play Magic Duels on the iPad for over a week now, I just can't get a connection to the servers any more. As I haven't changed anything on my iPad, the problem must be server side.

What is it with WotC and computers that they are so reliably messing up the digitalization of their games?

If you just went around the official community, you'd already know since weeks ago that you were a lucky exception for iOS connectivity issues. Many haven't been able to play for one month and over on iOS.

Same goes for Steam actually being the stablest platform as of date.

If you have stored on your cache any Magic Duels updated earlier than 1.04 (1.03 is good) you'll be able to go back and play by switching to the previous build. They haven't done any kind of rollback to solve it anyways.
And the numbers of players are dropping fast now. On Steam there has been a decline from 10 k simultanious plaers to a mere 2,5 k, and it´s still going down...

To bad. I liked the Duels-version, not as money-hungry as the full game...
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