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Friday, December 25, 2015
Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

I love my iPad because it is so versatile. I play games on it, I watch Netflix or other videos, I use it for D&D adventure notes and documents, and sometimes I even do work stuff on it. And it is far more mobile than a laptop, I can even use it as a city map which shows me where I am. But of course in all that versatility, there are some compromises, just like any multi-purpose tool has to make. Especially since I use it more and more at home to watch Netflix, the screen of the iPad is a bit on the small side, and unless I use headphones (which I don't like to wear for long), the sound is lousy. The iPad doesn't have stereo speakers, and if held in landscape mode, as you would for watching video, the speakers are not up or down, but to one side. Half a stereo, so to say.

So I am very happy about the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro my wife gave me for Christmas. A lot more affordable than an iPad, especially since the 3 Pro is already out. 13.3" inch screen, compared to the 9.7" of my iPad Air. And stereo speakers at the bottom. Or the top, if you turn it by 180°; and yes, I tested it, when you do turn the screen the speakers inverse and the right side sound stays on your right side. Nifty! There is even a rear subwoofer, so the sound is great for a tablet. And the battery life while watching videos is really impressive, over 10 hours.

The Yoga tablet has one more gimmick, which I don't think I'll use much: A built-in projector. Neither the resolution nor the brightness are really great (apparently the 3 Pro has a better projector). But apart from projecting a D&D battle map on a white table, I don't really have a use for a projector anyway. And that plan would require fixing the tablet above the table somehow, so I don't think it is very realistic.

I am not a fanatic of this or that operating system, Windows vs. Mac OS, Android vs. iOS, or anything. I find the iOS frequently more intuitive to use, but I do like the widgets on Android, for example to show weather or stock information on the main screen without having to open an app for it. However I do think I'll use the Yoga nearly exclusively for watching videos while at home, and keep playing games and do other stuff on the iPad. With the size of the Yoga tablet comes a certain weight, and while that is fine at home, I wouldn't want to carry it around much. Plus my iPad has a 4G data connection, and the Yoga only has WiFi. But as a home media tablet, I really like the Yoga tablet.

Why not just use a chromecast instead? I just have a chromecast installed on every TV in the house. Much better sound and picture.
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Does it have any gaming capability?
I don't own a tablet of any kind. In all honesty, I don't get why anyone would ever watch netflix on something as small as a tablet. Are not cinematic products not best viewed on a larger medium? Like... Oh, I don't know... a TV set? Better picture, better sound... where's the down side?

I'm not judging here, I just don't understand.

I could understand if it was some alternate reality, and TVs were a billion dollars, and me, with my low rent resources could only afford the scraps of society, then it would make sense to settle for watching cinematic presentations on some tiny screen, but it's not that way for me, and I see no reason it would be that way for Tobold, here.

Help me to understand.
We have a big TV in the living room, but my wife has a tendency to monopolize that one.
@mbp Yes!
@Smokeman: I use my tablet almost exclusively for reading books, and I could not live without it anymore
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