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Sunday, March 13, 2016
Everquest Next predictably cancelled

Everquest Next was cancelled this week. I'm not sure anybody was really surprised by that news. The constant series of changes to the company and personnel movements didn't bode well. For me the game had pretty much died when they announced to kick out StoryBricks. Daybreak will still release Landmark, but I guess they'll just slap a "released" label on the unfinished mess they have so that they won't have to refund all those $99.99 founder's packs.

The refund period for the packs ended over a year ago as far as I understand. As a purchaser of two right back at the start I would like to say I feel I had excellent value for money. I played Landmark almost exclusively for around six weeks and in short spells many times since. I feel that represents an appropriate return on the cost.

Landmark's main problem is one of marketing. It isn't a "game" and it shouldn't be sold as one. It's a construction set or a toy and a very good one. If you pay $9.99 for it on that basis you will be getting a huge bargain.
The $9.99 don't bother me, and actually I paid a bit less due to a sale. It is the $99.99 founder's pack which I don't believe gives good value for money.
I am actually surprised. There is a LOT of sunk cost in EQ:N, and they had generated a pretty huge amount of hype last I checked. In particular, I'm hoping that some of the tech they pioneered for avatars' faces lip-synching/expression-matching to the player's web-cammed face when talking. That, plus VR, makes for some pretty interesting-sounding experiences in the future.

That said, I was also surprised by the scrapping of Titan. Well. The cannibalizing of its combat engine to use in a TF2 clone. Because apparently that was the only part which was "fun". (Unbelievable.)
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