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Thursday, April 28, 2016
Pathfinder Adventure

Every cloud has a silver lining. So while my arm is hurting and temporarily useless after surgery, I do have paid sick leave and can either watch Netflix or play games with one hand. And today one of the games I have been waiting for was finally released: Pathfinder Adventures, available both on iOS and Android. This is the computer version of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game from Paizo, which had very good reviews. So how did the computer version work out?

Unfortunately, up to now, not so well. There are quite a number of bugs, some of them serious, like me unable to do the quest mode on my iPad. And that in spite of a long beta. Some bugs are not reproducible and weird, like skill checks that you roll the exact number for sometimes failing (which the rules say they shouldn't).

In spite of the bugs, I still like playing this. However I was familiar with the card game and the rules of it. The tutorial isn't really doing a good job of teaching the game, so somebody not familiar might well end up with several open questions. And the game's help system isn't always a big help, and has some bugs too. So right now I can only recommend Pathfinder Adventures to fans of the original who are willing to overlook the bugs in order to not having to shuffle so many stacks of cards.

P.S. There are three other games I'm currently playing on my iPad which I would rather recommend: Magic Duels, Gems of War, and Galactic Keep. I only discovered the latter recently, and it has a very old school pen & paper roleplaying feel to it, which I like a lot.

Speedy recovery, mate! And why don't you play Hearthstone? It is quite fun and can be played with one hand.
Sorry wrong link. Here is the right one:
Try Hearthstone!
A) I tried Hearthstone and didn't like it as much as Magic Duels.

B) At its core, Hearthstone is a competitive PvP game in which you get cards with money or by playing. After 3 "adventures" and 3 "expansions", and over 2 years of veterans having accumulated cards, a new player is basically unable to compete unless he spends a fortune to catch up.
Play arenas in HS (like limited in magic). It gets rid of the unfair advantage.

Also didnt HS make the equivalent of standard now with only newer cards and basics being allowed in that mode? That might help even the playing field a bit as well if you want to play constructed.

Now, if you just dont like the game. That is fair as well fcause
Hearthstone is down to 2 adventures and 2 expansions now in standard mode and you frequently see streamers having little trouble reaching mid-ranks (far higher than I ever achieve with my relatively complete sets) on brand new accounts.

That Pathfinder skill check error sounds like the sort of mistake people make when they are starting to code and forget to specify the decimal places on their random numbers. You are probably failing a roll of 10 with a 10 that is actually 9.695.
I am actually in the same position since I've never played Hearthstone much and I never bought any card packs for RL money. Only bought one adventure and it was rather fun and playing with basic cards with a bit of new ones is fun as well. I don't think getting new cards is such a timesink. I definitely don't feel weak in comparison with veteran players.

You can also get two packs with five cards in each by logging in Hearthstone now.
Besides, Hearthstone allows spectating your friends' games. Better than Twitch.
Suggestion to kill another half hour convalescence time: watch Community season 2 episode 14 (included in amazon prime). They play dungeons and dragons, hilarious.
Hi, I have the same "quest" bug as you but the quest works for me if I limit it to one character. It hangs if I do 5 or 6 and I've not invested the time to inch the number of charactes up/down to see where the cutoff point is. FOr now, I can say that it seems to be an issue with the number of characters in your party.

As for Hearthstone, I know folks praise it a lot, but I feel it is blech. It is indeed pay to win, and I know folks who pay nothing will proclaim their greatness, but I prefer games I can play where all the contents are there from day 1.

Their solo adventure campaigns are quite fun, but also very challenging if you don't have the correct card.

Hearthstone is overhyped rubbish. So are Supercell games like Clash of Clans, but apparently the population of this planet knows something I do not...or are more gullible. You pick.
Hearthstone isn't worth playing if you haven't been playing since day one. The AI is capable only of teaching you how to play and collectors who have been playing since day one will destroy you every. single. time. Wouldn't be as much of an issue if there was decent matchmaking to pair you against someone of a similar experience level (and/or the new sock puppet account of sadistic vets) but there isn't, so...
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