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Friday, August 26, 2016
Lost month

I subscribed to World of Warcraft (using a WoW token) earlier this month when the pre-expansion patch hit. It turned out that I didn't use much of that month of subscription. This week I barely ever played, and I'm basically waiting for the expansion proper.

What I did was level a demon hunter from 98 to 100, which was quick. I did the Broken Shore event several times, both Horde and Alliance, and enjoyed the subtle difference in the storytelling. And I did a bunch of invasions to equip my characters with iLevel 700 gear. But with the invasions increasing in frequency that was also rather quickly done, especially since I didn't need full gear for all characters, already having nearly as good gear from playing Warlords of Draenor stuff earlier.

The one activity I barely did was using the invasions to level up characters. I gained like 5 levels on my dwarf hunter in just 3 or 4 invasions, before I realized that all that was doing was killing quest content I wanted to do with him. I had already leveled 5 characters to 100 during WoD, gotten a 6th character to 100 with the level boost that was part of the purchase of the expansion, and the demon hunter made 7 characters at 100. I really don't need more than that, I probably will level only one or two of them further in Legion.

I did do the second and third story part, and enjoyed revisiting Karazhan and Dalaran, but those were rather short episodes. So now I need to wait for the expansion next week. Maybe I resubscribed a bit too early, but then I'm not actually paying for the subscription, so it isn't much of a loss.

Pretty solid pre event, broken shore is great, quest line is nice if you do it in one go (was a bit strange paced), invasions are fun and a unique way to level a char. But after all, the new content is very fast consumed. Whatever, I liked it.

I spent some time cleaning up the banks of my chars, selling a lot of items that are in the wardrobe now, getting rid of old profession mats I'll never use again. Kept every item with sockets, set bonus (maybe they get activated again) and unique procs (mostly trinkets).

You should idle a bit in SW/OG to hopefully get the dark whispers buff. You can change into a demon and wreak some havoc :)
I found the invasion events served as a nice "Pre-Expansion" palette cleanse to get you out of the "Garrison regimen" and into prepping for the expansion.

I have a hunter I'd like to get to 100 prior to the expansion (level 92 now.) and I made a mage just to see what the leveling for noobs using the "reset the invasion" technique is like (Level 48 a few hours after leaving Gilneas.)

Other than that, it's sell off now worthless stuff, make a few big bags, clear inventories, etc.
As an aside...

So, of course, like virtually everyone else, I made a Demon Hunter and leveled it to 100 through the DH starting area.

That said:

I think the DH as a "Playable Race" alongside the other races in the "main game" is a really, really stupid idea. It adds that much more stupid shit that has to be "balanced" in PvP and is retarded lore wise.

What they should have done is made DHs a totally separate game, with it's own objectives, in it's own "Demon Realm" that uses Demon planets and some of the Shattered Isles. Basically an alternate reality that fights the demons as a bonus game to the main game. You see the effect of their struggle in the "main game" as the expansion progresses, but it looks like lore on the Azeroth side, and vise versa on the demon hunter side. But the two do not cross.
I spent a Token few weeks ago to enjoy the invasion. Then my ISP cut my internet connection for exactly 14 days. When I came back online I just had few hours from my full month. I tried contacting Blizzard and BLAMM. Got those "lost" 14 days back.

Now the BIG question: do I buy more tokens now or do I wait for Legion? Will the prices rise or will they fall?
Tried a Havoc DH and I like it a lot. The only "big" downside is the complete lack of self-heals. Doing the invasion is quite annoying unless you just AFK and wait for the free chests.
Now the BIG question: do I buy more tokens now or do I wait for Legion? Will the prices rise or will they fall?

Yeah that's the question I wonder a lot lately too. On one hand there will be a LOT of returning players and some of them will provide us with tokens so price should go down. On the other hand there surely are a lot of players like me who wait for Legion and lower prices to stock up on tokens and thus drive prices up again.

I predict prices go down initially, but the window to buy cheap tokens might be quite small. I will just buy as much as I can when they go down to 60k. I'm subbed via gold until the end of 2017 anyway so no pressure to buy.
To get lower prices we need more Tokens on the AH, which mean returning players should spend €20/$20 (on top of Legion expansion + 1 month subscription). I am not sure they will be interested in that. Instead, I fear those who already purchased Legion (like me) are willing to save real money and get free time spending ingame gold, by buying the Token from the AH thus lowering the availability. Which would lead to higher prices as soon as Legion hits the servers.

Or... am I missing anything? Why would a returning player be interested in buyin gold before hitting level 110?
Why would anyone be interested in buying gold? Fact is, some people are and the percentage of those is probably always the same so more players means more tokens on the AH.
Yeah I've taken the past few days off from WoW as well. I farmed up a fel spreader on Tuesday and I don't have anything left to do in the pre patch besides the pamphlet achievement and I don't really care about that.

I managed to get 8 level 100s and I could do more but don't really think ill end up playing all those characters. It was definitely fun to play some classes I haven't touched for years but I'm done until Legion launches.
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