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Friday, August 12, 2016
No No Man's Sky

After reading a lot about the game I was shortly considering to play No Man's Sky. That is until I went to Steam. First bad surprise: The game costs €60, which is far more than I would have expected for a game which replaces real content with procedurally generated one. Second bad surprise: The Steam reviews are overwhelmingly negative. A closer look reveals that the game simply isn't running on many PCs, or lags to an unplayable extent, even on machines with fast graphics cards.

Oh, and I found a positive review. It said: "The refund button works well!".

Somebody call me when the game is €20 and works. Christmas 2017?

I bought it on PS4 where it works great, but I already regret not waiting for it to hit $20. It's an interesting game, but not $60 interesting, it turns out.
I love it on my PS4 and my son loves it on PC...this game is all about exploration the pace is slow and relaxing...if you`re looking for a new "Elite" or a good Space-sim then you`re wrong here...
But to be true, 60 bucks is too much
Same here. I expected €30 or less. Ill pick it up during a bargain.
It works well on my PC, just a slight stuttering now and then. That's not saying that people don't have problems though.

I'm finding it quite enjoyable even at that price tag but that's up to everyone to decide if it's worth it.
I play since wednesday, saw many different planets and explored a dozen of galaxies yet...and i still enjoy the silence in space :)
It is my dream game. There was an item I had to buy from a vendor and I thought the game would then treat that item as a "gold sink". I was pleasantly surprised when I then found the recipe for that item.

I love the slow relaxing pace.
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