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Saturday, January 21, 2017
Aether Revolt color decks

Sorry, second Magic Duels post in a row, and somewhat related to the first one. I used my accumulated gold to buy the whole Aether Revolt expansion in Magic Duels (iOS). Whenever you buy a large number of Magic cards in one go, you need some time to understand what all those cards do. The best way to do so is by playing with them. So I built a rather crazy deck: 20 plains, 4 evolving wilds (for deck thinning and powering revolt abilitities), 1 each of every white card in the Aether Revolt expansion, 1 each of every vehicle card in the Aether Revolt expansion, fill the remaining slots with a second copy of low casting cost white creatures from Aether Revolt.

This is basically building a deck without even looking much at the cards you put in. Which means that it shouldn't work. The surprise is that it does, I'm actually winning a rather good percentage of games against the AI at medium difficulty with it. Well, I did look a bit and saw lots of effects regarding vehicles, which is why I put the vehicles in the deck. But the other cards of the expansion are also all designed to work with each other, as long as you stick to one color.

Of course by having only one or two copies of each card in the deck, it isn't very reliable to produce combos. But sometimes you end up having the one mana vehicle that is very strong but hard to activate, and the enchantment that permanently activates it, and you end up with a huge, flying monstrosity. Some cards are just single-card miracles, like Call for Unity, which makes your creatures stronger every time one of your cards leave the battlefield. Or the enchantment for two mana that you can return to your hand for one mana, and power all those neat new revolt abilities every turn.

By playing the deck repeatedly I have now a rather good idea of the white cards in Aether Revolt. Obvious next step is doing the same with the other 4 colors. Oodles of fun, and I haven't even begun with real deckbuilding.

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