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Wednesday, March 08, 2017
Zeitgeist: Digging for Lies - Session 3

In the previous session the constables of the Royal Homeland Constabulary found that the monsters appearing suddenly at the exposition were in fact linked to Mayor Macbannin from their previous adventure. An employee of his, Kaja Stewart, had apparently emptied Macbannin's safe during the events surrounding his arrest. Now she was selling the contents and other black market weapons. The group had set up a rendezvous with her in the evening at a subrail station that is currently under construction close to the exposition.

As the rails for the subrail system were already laid, the group decided to not only go early to the meeting with Kaja, but go under ground in order not to be seen. However when they arrived at the construction site, it was still full of construction workers, and they had to make up a bogus story about following a fugitive in the subrail tunnels. Once the afternoon rains made the construction workers leave, the constables set up their ambush and hid in stacks of construction materials. Only one of them, posing as the buyer, stood in the middle of the station.

Kaja arrives with 2 thugs carrying a weapons crate together, and one very tall and muscular bodyguard in a long coat and hat, who carried a weapon crate under each of his arms. While a bit surprised that the buyer was early, Kaja wasn't too alarmed. However she pulled a box with a big red button out of her coat, ready to use. Merian, posing as buyer, bought a pistol from Kaja, proceeded towards the exit, only to then turn around and attack her to start the ambush.

The tall bodyguard turned out to be a sort of golem, and when Kaja pressed the red button on her box that activated four walking turrets that were hidden close to where the players were also hiding. That somewhat negated the group's advantage from the ambush. The bodyguard had an aura that dealt damage to enemies in range that were attacking somebody else, thus "tanking" to protect Kaja. The thugs and walking turrets mostly fired at the closest target, preferring soft targets to heavily armored ones. That caused some problems to the casters in the group, especially to Aria, who stood right in the open to cast her spells.

The fight didn't go too well for the group for a while. They generally have problems if there are too many targets that are serious threats, and often disperse their fire because they think they can't "ignore" one of the threats. After several turns they had only killed one of the thugs and one of the turrets, while most of them had lost over half their health. But then they finally managed to kill Kaja, and use her box with the red button to deactivate the remaining turrets. That left only the bodyguard and one thug, who were then easily dispatched.

As we had combined the session with a birthday celebration, it was already late when the fight finished, and we decided to call it a day and play the interrogation of Kaja (they had used non-lethal damage to bring her down) in the next session.


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