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Monday, April 10, 2017
Zeitgeist: Digging for Lies - Session 5

In the previous session the constables of the RHC decided to visit a ziggurat in the High Bayou region of Risur, as a strange weapon that had caused problems in Flint had come from there. So in this session they set out to do so. After a train ride of one day, followed by another day of travel overland, they reached the limits of civilization at the edge of a large swamp. Due to some information they had that one of the titans of Risur, the Voice of Rot, was living in that swamp, they organized a boatload of dead animals as an offering. Then they set off towards their destination in pole boats.

The way had been marked by the archaeologists and was easy enough to find. But the swamp was dangerous terrain and at some point they were attacked by an ettercap and half a dozen spiders. However that encounter proved to be rather easy, with being immobilized in spider webs being more annoying than dangerous. So they traveled on and reached the dock the archaeologists had built close to their camp.

In the camp they found three corpses of archaeology students, but no signs of the tiefling specialists Caius Bergeron had sent. Searching the camp gave them a general map of the ziggurat (an excuse to reveal the whole poster map to them without bothering to hide the unexplored bits, because that wasn't really necessary in this case) and a planetary system map of their world. On the entrance of the ziggurat they found a symbol of a white stone in the middle with 7 concentric circles around it, with a dot on the 6th circle. The star map suggested this means that the ziggurat was dedicated to Apet, the plane of distance.

Inside they found three mummies, visibly missing the staff, sword, and amulet that had been sent to Flint and caused their involvement in this case. Aria wanted to burn the mummies, but as they were bog mummies and not bandaged mummies that wasn't all that easy, so they gave up on that idea. From there they could turn left or right and for no specific reason went left. That led them to a big room with several platforms over a deep pit filled with monsters, and some rainbow-colored transparent walls of light. There were also stones freshly painted in those same rainbow colors. This turned out to be a puzzle, where touching the stone of one color would raise a bridge and wall of the corresponding color, but lower the bridge and wall of the complementary color. After some fiddling they managed to raise all bridges and lower all walls to reach the exit.

However behind the exit two flashing orbs waited, attacking them. The monsters from the pit behind them also started climbing out and attacking. Eldion used a new group teleport power he just had received while gaining level 6 at the end of the previous session to move the whole group behind the attacking monsters instead of being surrounded by them, and from there the fight went smoothly. However this took some time (in the real world), so we stopped the session there.


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