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Saturday, June 10, 2017
The Division free weekend

Just in case you missed it: If you were interested in the game The Division, but didn't want to spend 50 bucks on it, you can try it this weekend for free. You just need the UPlay launcher to do that, which you might already have if you own other Ubisoft games. I'm currently playing, and the game is well worth the 0€ I spent. :) At the end of the weekend I can decide if it is worth €20, because you can buy it for 60% off after testing. I like the idea of the free trial plus sale.

[P.S. In the end I didn't like it enough to pay €20 for the game and uninstalled it. Nevertheless I fully support the idea of these free trial weekends.]

I liked the story and the gunplay was good. All the voiceovers are fine. Radio is great. In-game matching with other people is shit.
As a PVE player I loved going through the single-player campaign and I think the game was worth the money (I got the game at half the price AFAIK because I pay Russian prices in my region).
Once upon a time pretty much every game had a demo version to play the first level or something. They were the reason I bought gaming magazines because downloading something on a 33k modem wasn't as fun as it sounds.

Today you have to watch a "let's play" on youtube if you want to see how the game plays before buying. It would be better to experience it yourself, so yeah bring back demos.
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